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  1. Hey guys just a quick question I currently have a hot air choke on my carburetor I’m getting a new carb and the carb I’m purchasing has a electric choke from what I have read the best place to hook up the positive end is to the s terminal on the alternator just wondering if I should run a fuse to it if so what size of fuse would you guys recommend?
  2. So if I can use either one of these ports I highlighted with a arrow right?
  3. Thanks everyone when I get home I’ll post a few pictures but it’s all starting to make sense appreciate everyone’s input glad I joined this forum
  4. Yes I think I know exactly where that is only think I’m confused about is my tree has one line connected to two ports so tied into its self and one to the brakes if that makes any sense I’ll take a pic when I get home and post but this helps a lot thanks
  5. I have a 1972 mustang with a 351 2v I’m trying to fine tune my carburetor but can’t find and information online and my tech manuals on which port is the intake manifold port that you are suppose to use while tuning carb with vacuum gauge if any one could provide a detailed picture would be much appreciated thanks
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