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  1. Had the opportunity to change the color on my mach 1. I couldn't be happier with how she turned out. Now time for some new shoes ! I need to condense some of the files sizes and I'll post some more ! Can't wait for summer to take out this beauty.
  2. Thanks for the help KNN! I will take a look and see what I find out.
  3. That is what I like to hear my goal is to just swap the stock to new pads and just give it an update. Right now what is wrong with it is that the brakes are super soft as I need to really step on it to stop in reverse or driving normally. I really think that it just needs a new set put on it. What brand did you guys go with for the fronts ? Honestly with mine I think it'd the original set as it only has 36k on it .
  4. I am in the process of putting on new brakes on my 72. The factory option already has disc brakes in the front and the typical drums in the back. For me this is a new world when it comes to either finding a direct replacement for the stock setup Vs. upgrading and getting a better set of brakes all the way around. What are your opinions? What have you guys done to your braking systems on your cars? If you have gone disc brakes all the way around what brand did you go with? Sorry for all the questions but the braking side of vehicles isn't my forte! haha Thank you all for the help along the way.
  5. Hello Everyone! I joined up to gain some knowledge from all you guys who have been wrenching for some years on these beauties as well as to be a part of this great community! I have a 72 Mach 1 with a 351C 2V with a FMX Transmission and 36,000 original miles . I am the second owner of the vehicle and before me it was a daily driver for the gentleman. I have done a few quality life upgrades along the way but there is always more to be done!
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