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  1. You live better than I, MN has not gotten much snow this year like u. Trick is winter outdoor activity, snowmobile is the only way to survive Feb's. Winters long otherwise.
  2. So, had 72 convert, 351c auto, Mach 1 clone, sold it 3yrs ago. Not looking ran into 73 Mach 1, I convinced my wife we needed. Kids r all happy again, very sad the 72 went. 73 is a 20fter. Have a 351c to sell, that was not put together right but has all parts to put back together, 4B alum intake, mild cam. Might include CJ heads. Want 2 upgrade all 6 gauges but don't like Dakota options. Want 2 c if a double din touchscreen will go in, found a single din w pop out touchscreen, need backup cam for fastback. Not restomod but want modern features, will take on trips.
  3. Had a 72 I swapped out the dash bulbs w/LEDs, went with aftermarket oil/temp/Volt and had DIN aftermarket stereo. The radio was crazy bright, gauges good and dash leds still couldn't see speedo or fuel (radio too bright) I don't want to do that again with my 71 Mach1 now. Has anyone put in a 6 gauge matching LED kit? Allowing light switch dimmer to dial in brightness across entire dash? Ideally colors selectable (prefer classic green, but choose matching red if in mood). Saw Glow Shift, for example..even has GPS speedo, no tire, trans or rear end matching required
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