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  1. Perfect! Just what I needed. Thanks! BTW, it looks like the car sold. The listing was removed. Bo
  2. Thanks for posting up your invoice! Only US and Canada cars had pricing on the invoice. For all export cars the pricing is blank. The EPA message was on all the 1973 invoices I have seen. I am not sure on your other questions, but I think the FDAF was an advertising fee. Just my 0.02...but those 2 pieces of paper are worth every bit of $60. That is not a "report" but the Original Ford invoice. Some one has been saving that documentation since November, 1972. Ford would have shredded it in 1979 if Lois Emminger didn't take it home with her. Notice the little tick marks next to each option? That is the assembly line inspector marking off the options as he visually inspected each option on the car. I think its cool that your car and this documentation have been reunited. How much do you think a Camaro owner would pay for this kind of documentation? Enjoy! Bo This is cool! Do you have a picture that shows the position of where it is located on the glass? Have you ever seen one for a 1971? I have a picture of one from a 1974 Cougar. Thanks, Bo Medium Brown and Ginger are the same color. In 1972 the color was almost exclusively called "Medium Brown" and in 1974 it was almost exclusively called "Ginger". 1973 was like a transition year. Even the PPG color chart calls it "Med Brown (Ginger) Metallic" (PPG was the Ford paint supplier in 1973) Bo
  3. I wish I was showing off...the car was for sale on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mach-1-Fastback-Sportsroof-2-2-/281044067920?ru=http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=281044067920&_rdc=1&forcev4exp=true must have went for a few beanies! -Bo Thanks for the confirmation Don65Stang. If I would have scrolled down a little furter on the page I found the first picture, I would have seen this one... http://i664.photobucket.com/albums/vv3/vapor08GT500/Mach/Mach1-2236.jpg The interior lights are on and the map light is off...so there would HAVE to be a 3rd position on the switch. (Unless the light bulb burned out between pictures ;) ) I'm sorry I doubted you Midlife. I just needed to be sure. Thanks all for your assistance. -Bo
  4. Thanks Mike. That's what I thought, but wasn't sure. The map light was part of the Convenince Package option. This picture of a 71 looks like a 2-position switch to me. Midlife, are you sure they used a 3 position in 1971? Does anyone else have one of these lights that could chime in. I'd like to know what is the correct functionality for a vehicle made in early January, 1971. Thanks in advance for your added assistance! -Bo
  5. I have a question about the map light on a 1971. Is that light supposed to come on when you open the door, or just when you turn on the switch? Thanks! -Bo
  6. I watched this scene again frame by frame, I think what looks like a "connector bar" is actually just the red top of the back seat in the UP position. - Bo
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! - Bo
  8. Here are a couple pictures of the connector bar in the back window and another 3 continuous shots of the rear brace. Theses shots may help determine exactly where the rear braces were mounted. It looks like the connector bar is a little too high to meet the rear braces. Note the first of the 3 is almost exactly perpendicular to the car. - Bo Sure, I'll send you a copy. I'm still researching the Halicki Eleanors. There were at least 2 and the main, beat up car is still around. I would like to get the VIN for both of them. - Bo
  9. The first 3 were taken on 05/25/71 in Los Angeles The 4th one was taken on 06/04/71 in Las Vegas The 5th and 6th were taken around 04/13/71 in Las Vegas The invoices for 100066 and 100076 are posted on this page, as well as the Marti Report for 100066: http://www.network54.com/Forum/234286/thread/1219631751/Diamonds+are+Forever+Car+on+Ebay I'll order a report for 160938...thats a good idea. - Bo
  10. I ran across your site while doing research for a couple movie cars; The Diamonds are Forever Mach 1 and the original Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor....maybe you have heard of them. lol. My research is for the "In Search of Mustangs" project. (www.isomustangs.org) I will publish my results on the site very soon. I currently do not own a 71-73 Mustang, but I have been around these cars for over 20 years. I used to work at NPD in Florida and I have operated the www.mustangdecoder.com web site since 1996. I'll be poking around from time to time. You guys have a GREAT resource here! - Bo
  11. Thanks! Will do - Bo That's cool you are so close. I've been wanting to make a trip down there to see it, but its too far and I'm too busy right now. I'm sure they would have fixed any dents before the repaint...but it would be very hard to remove all evidence of a dent that big in the quarter panel if you viewed it from inside the trunk. Though what is claimed is this is the alley stunt car that was filmed on May 25, 1971 at Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles. That car had a roll bar in it at that time. There was also a stunt car with what appears to be an identical roll roll bar in it during the filming in Los Vegas in April, 1971. I'm wondering if 160938 is that same car.... There is enough evidence to put 160938 as a DAF car, but it would need to have evidence of a dent in the quarter panel, or evidence of a roll bar with the same mounting points to determine which car it was. - Bo Do you mean 100076? 100076 is very close to the "hero" car, but has 3 discrepencies based on its original invoice: - The tires - which could have easily been changed - Ram-Air hood - which could have been easily changed and Alameda says the car had a non ram-air hood when he purchased it - Deluxe seat belts - 100076 should have had red seat belts originally. Pictures of 100076 in 1996 (published in MM article) show the car with black seat belts. The "hero" car had black seat belts. These could have been changed...but seems a highly unlikely detail to modify before filming. - Bo
  12. Have you seen 160938 after the repaint? I would like to get some pictures of it. Especially of the interior to determine the original color of the seatbelts (red or black). I would also like to know if there is evidence of a roll bar, and the mounting points and if there is evidence of the dent in the quarter, or a dent in the roof (as seen in the special features where the car is exiting on the CORRECT side) -Bo I noticed the dent also. It is how you can identify the "hero" car. It must have happened very early in the shooting as it appears in almost every shot of that particular car. It may have happened during one of the takes performing the 270 degree turn. In the special features on the Blu-ray you see it lock up the brakes and the back end is sliding toward the white car which is still in the intersection. In a later take (the one in the movie) you can see the dent. One of the only shots where there is no dent in the "hero" car is in the special features (not in the movie) where the car backs away from the sherrif and does the 180 degree turn. 2 differnt cars did the stunt, one with a roll bar and one without a roll bar (the "hero" car) -Bo I have a hard time believing 100066 was used in the filming of DAF. I have watched, frame by frame, the Mach 1 scenes in DAF and the special features. I have identified characteristics for at least 3 different Mach 1s. These characteristics do not match the original options for 100066 (based on the invoice Mike posted). - Clear Glass - Rear window defogger - Ram-Air hood - Deluxe seat belts Are original options on 100066 which are not present on the "hero" car. I guess the car could have been modified...and put back to original after filming...but why bother with these details...most movie goers would never notice the difference. - Bo
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