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  1. Well starting to purchase front end parts to get it road worthy. There are lots of options but think I will go conservative based on everyone's feedback (who doesn't want to upgrade later). I have noticed from other parts I have replaced that the OEM parts were much more sturdier in design. Maybe 50 years ago there was a lot more steel. I'm thinking about maybe going through the extra effort to evaluate the parts and if they look good to see if pressing on new ball joints are an option. Is that worth while? Mine will be a fun driver.

    1. timachone


      If you have still the original, unbent suspension parts and the right tools it would be worth the effort. Clean them, change the ball joints and give them a few paint shots and you are good to go for quite some years. I wanted to go that route too but figured out I don't have the original parts anymore. So I bought OEM-like Moog and Proforged parts and some NOS.

    2. Zill


      Thanks for the feedback. I just got my coil spring compressor and ordered some chassis paint and rust encapsulator from Eastwood. I was hoping to get roller perches when they get back in stock. Lots of cleaning and prep to do first. I don't know if the original parts are stamped or not. I guess I will find out.

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