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  1. That's a real beauty. I'd love to see some more photos! Welcome!
  2. Definitely will put it back to it's original color someday. It almost looks like you could remove the black...if only. The argent paint is still on the lower, and on the spoiler, you can see it in the photos somewhat. Areas that the black has come off you can see that the original blue wasn't really scuffed. Maybe you could scrape it off? A guy can dream. The paint has fallen off one of the mirrors about 50% and there's a nice shiny blue paint under there. Thanks for the warm welcome. :)
  3. Black Beauty! Fine lookin'. Yeah, I have a fire extinguisher right there. So far so good, but I do keep the battery out of it until I trust it more.
  4. David! thanks for the welcome. I love that copper color on that one of yours. Yeah, that's a 600 Holley Vacuum. The car has the square bore manifold on it. It actually started and drove with that carb on it. I didn't even clean it. lol. You guessed it, the heater core is bad, bypassed it for now. Got a new one on the shelf. It's much cleaner than those pics now after a good wiping and vacuuming, and the smell is good, nice and vintage mustang-y. It was a real odor flashback to highschool. The car has THAT smell. I have found no nests, and no chewed wires, but there definitely were some vermin in the engine bay. There were nut shells sprinkled around here and there! And a few weird pieces of garbage probably pulled up in there. Wires all good thankfully.
  5. Yeah, what a stupid place for it. How can you even read it? It's a shame they cut the console. It was a bummer.
  6. I took that sport wrap off the wheel, and it's not even cracked. Thanks to the sport warp? Here's a look in the power barn. Ram Air equipment is present in the hood. One of the flaps even worked when it started. Check that headliner. The dome light worked too. Forgot to add, it's got only 89,000 miles on it. Parked in 1983 at the tender age of 12.
  7. A big thanks to all the folks who make this site possible, and all teh members who take time to contribute. Our cars are a unique subset of general Mustang-ness, this forum is a great source of specific info. I'm happy to be all joined up now. I was basically born in a '65 Mustang, or at least brought home in one. My Mom's 65 coupe, 289 2V, 4 speed, with a bench seat (I've never seen another). Wimbledon white with a black vinyl roof. Currently Twilight Turquoise with the same black roof. My granny gave me a '64 Nova SS to tool around in when I turned 16. That got sold fast for a 1971 Mach 1, 351 4V automatic. Bright Red with the Red sports interior. That car ended up with a Torker manifold, Holley 750DP, large Crane solid lifter cam, long tubes. 4:11s...She was a beast. When I got it, it had a 2V Cleveland in it, but it was an M code car. We found heads...imagine that. Told Mom I puttin' her back to stock. Anyhow, between a burnt transmission and college, I had to sell it in about 1998. Regretted it big time. Especially as I got older. Got an '86 GT from my uncle, got totaled by someone else running a light. Got a little red 1990 GT and had a lot of fun in that. Sold that to a buddy at 225K miles. Bought a Ranger, but it felt wrong, and traded it for a 2002 GT, and traded that for a 2014 GT which is my current car. All these were manuals. To cut to the end here, a month or so ago I bought a '71 Mach to replace my old gal. This car had been parked since 1983 in storage. It's aaaaaaall there and nearly totally complete. Here's the stats? (I'm in the Bay Area, CA) Car was ordered thru San Jose DSO - so it has the extra CA emissions stuff (DVCV with the switch, maybe some other stuff) Mach 1, 351 4V, C6 Auto -Grabber Blue/Argent (is painted black, but the original paint is still there) -Black/silver Sports interior -Sport Deck rear seat -AM/8 track Stereo radio -tinted glass -console with clock delete (it has the clock in the dash, no tach :( -factory rear spoiler with holes for the front spoiler (not sure if front spoiler was a Boss only option? or if a car with the rear spoiler got the front as well?) -factory Ram Air -lighting convenience group ( engine bay and trunk light, parking brake warning light) -map light in center console (it's a non A/C car) It seems pretty optioned up, only missing the tach, power windows, rear defrost, a/c. Apart from what was gone when I bought it (fuel tank, exhaust back from the H pipe, original carb and Ram Air cleaner) it's totally complete and unmolested. The interior is nearly perfect, nice seats, headliner, dash, door cards, etc. Really nice and original. It even has the right 14X7 wheels with matching production dates to the car. Dec 1970. Wheel trim is gone too. Here's a photo, as she sat after being dragged out of storage. Those are G60 polyglass BFGs. Three of them. I managed to get it started after a few weeks of owning it (had to put in a tank and some things), and even drove it around the block a few times, right on those old tires. Everything worked. Even all the lights inside and out. Ford...because it's a Ford. Thanks again, this forum has already been a great help. We did this all on my first car before the internet...good times.
  8. Only a few months between Mike429's car and yours. Maybe the teardrop shape was a short lived thing, or they used the Torino one because of supply issues? Who knows. Sorry the two posts, I replied to Mike429's post before I scrolled all the way.
  9. I just picked up an unrestored Mach 1 built in December 1970, so shortly after yours. It has the teardrop shape antenna. FWIW, it came optioned with the AM/8 track Stereo unit.
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