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  1. What part of Tennessee are you from?


    1. Tnfastbk


      Knoxville area



    My Aunt and Uncle with my cousins the Day he picked up the car from the dealer.




    My 72 Fastback
  5. I want to see some more pics of the hood. I am very interested in the paint I am wanting to do the exact same thing when I repaint mine later this year.
  6. Welcome from TN. New here myself.
  7. The color is Gold Glow. My uncle had to put in an order to get this color. I'm pretty sure it was only available for 71-73
  8. I am going right now to find a room. This looks like a great time even if I dont have mine ready to show.
  9. Very happy to have found this forum. My name is Tracy Burdeshaw. I live in TN. My mustang is a 72 Fastback. My uncle bought the car in 72. My dad had the car until 77 when he gave it to me. My uncle got her back in 1990. In the 90's he did a lot of work on our car. In 2013 he gives me a call and tells me to come get the car. It was my turn again. This time last year at the start of the shutdown, I knew I needed a distraction so I started a restoration. I'm 12 months in have about 12 more to go. This pic is my aunt and uncle at a cruise in Mississippi back in the 90's. 351 Cleveland 2 barrel
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