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  1. I didn't either but the guy acted like he had just gotten out of a mental institution (certified nut job) so I left it at that. He was going through a real nasty divorce and was more concerned about the money and keeping it hidden from his ex-wife. I already had the car looked at when I got it home and was told no major damage was done. I also had the trunk floor looked at and it wasn't tweaked. So I got real lucky there.
  2. I asked him about all of them. He said the dents on the sail panel and rear quarter were from something falling on the car when it sat in their shop and he said his kid backed it into a pole. So I had it checked out real well. Didn't find any other damage. Car drives and handles fine.
  3. Here are more pictures of the Mach. As you can see, the previous owner backed into something and dented the rear left corner so I found a replacement end cap. No interior pictures yet as I need to clean it out.
  4. I'm from Eastern Montana.
  5. Hello, I'm Chris and I own a '73 Mach 1. I attached a picture of the car. I originally bought the Mach about 16 years ago. It still has the numbers matching Q code 351CJ, C6 automatic and 3.25 Traction Lok 9 inch rear. The build date was 12-13-72. It is a original 5A Light Pewter Metallic/black deluxe interior car but needs to be repainted. It has some nice options like power steering/brakes, A/C, convenience group, console, full gauges with tachometer, fold down rear seat, leather wrapped 2 spoke wheel, forged aluminum rims, rear defroster, and tu tone hood with hood locks. Thank you for letting me join. Chris.
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