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  1. kevken1959


    Hi Harry. Is your car painted in the factory shade of brown, or was the paint taken from a different car? Thanks.
  2. Hi Harry. Can you please tell me the exact color code you used for your brown? I love it! I have a medium brown metallic car I need to repaint and I really don't like the factory shade, but I do like the shade on your car. I'm thinking your car is painted in a shade of brown that is different from the factory shade, but I could be wrong. It looks a little darker to me. Thanks, Kevin.

  3. Need a mint set of 429CJ aluminum valve covers with no cracks or repairs. Also need two 429 crank pulleys # D0OE-6312-J (or -H), and two 429 fan pulleys # D0OE-8509-L. Thanks! Kevin. 205-222-3646.
  4. Hi Alistair, and welcome from Birmingham, Alabama! That is one beautiful Mustang, and as you can see I am a big fan of the convertibles as well! Many of mine are projects I hope to complete one day. All the best, Kevin.
  5. OMG!! I was working a deal with the prior owner to acquire this car. It would have been mine if it had not been so far away! Excellent find. Congratulations!
  6. Oh, yes, I know your beautiful car well. I just forgot you were in Canada. It's such a small world when it comes to the 71 429 verts!
  7. Wow. Do you have pictures of your J code convertible? That is uber rare. Is that the car with the interior 1/4 panels? What else do you have in your collection? I shutter to think what I've paid in shipping for all the cars for which I've ordered parts!
  8. Hi 7173Vert! Thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure I have a mint set of white rear interior quarter panels. I have a red car I'm working on that will need the red panels and I'm not sure of the condition of mine so let me check and get back with you. We might be able to trade. Do you need them to be set up for power windows? 71 is more difficult to find because of the lack of cutouts for the seat belts. I'm pretty sure any white panels I have would be for a 72-73. Shipping back and forth could get expensive I'm afraid. Wish you lived down the street from me!
  9. I have two 429 projects I'm trying to finish and need these parts. I have tons and tons of stuff to trade that I will probably never be able to use in my lifetime. So I had this idea. I'll put down a list of parts I need to get in order to get these two projects on the way to being finished, and you tell me what parts you need to get your car finished. I can pretty much guarantee that you will come out WAY ahead in this trade. It will probably require that you come to me in Birmingham, AL. with your parts in a truck, and haul away what we agree upon. It would take days for me to list all
  10. I only know of a grabber blue one that was bought out of Alabama and brought to Georgia some 20 years ago, but you said your friend owned it since the 80s,so that wouldn't make sense. Do you know how to get in touch with him?
  11. Thanks Greg. Wow. Any chance you could get in touch with your friend from Georgia? That would be unreal if that red 72 R code convertible was still out there and no one knew about it!
  12. Thanks! Yes. Love the 1972 Bright Lime color! Even though I sold that one, I had to have one in my collection, so I took a 72 Q code Gold Glow/Black/Black//AC/PW convertible I had and painted it Bright Lime. I do have some regrets changing the color on such a rare car, but I've owned and sold two H code Bright Lime convertibles and I've never been able to find a Q code Bright Lime convertible, or an uber rare R code Bright Lime convertible. There were only thirteen R code convertibles (I own two), and I don't believe a Bright Lime one was ever produced. Anyway, I still have two 1973 Gold Glow,
  13. Hi Greg. Thanks! Yes, I remember seeing the 3K mile car. Very nice. I don't have pictures of all of mine, but you can see a few on my profile picture. Here's some of my favorites: https://www.facebook.com/kevken1959/videos/10214499729719213/
  14. Hi Greg. Those are two really nice 73s! I'd buy the yellow one if I didn't have so many now. Many of mine are projects that will never get finished. You note the red one is special order paint but red would not have been. Can you please explain? Can you send me a link to the sister of that car? Thanks! Kevin.

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