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  1. Awesome. So mine has the factory gauges. It sounds like a fairly easy process to run a lead from the stator terminal to the choke. Thanks! Any thoughts on my question about widening the spark plug gap if I have a higher voltage coil?
  2. Thanks Don. That makes a lot of sense. Do you know the color of the stator wire on the alternator? Also, regarding the voltage of the coil, if I'm running like a 45,000 volt coil and I really increase the gap of the spark plugs, wouldn't that cause a much hotter spark which would burn the gas more effectively? It would seem that there would be some kind of advantage to running a coil with more volts.
  3. Thanks Hemikiller. Is there a more convenient spot for me to hook up the choke? Maybe like one of those connectors you spoke about by the firewall?
  4. Hi Don. I do have the carb choke hooked up to that wire.
  5. Hi Don. So regarding the specs on the coil I posted above, the primary resistance is low (.7 OHMs). What is the significance of the secondary resistance (4.5K OHMs)? Rocketman said some coils have increased resistance that causes the tach to under-read. I'm still trying to figure out why my tach under-reads. It doesn't have any kind of resistor, as far as I know, other than the factory red resistor wire going to the tach. Thanks.
  6. So, I checked my coil. It's an MSD Blaster 3. Can't remember why I ended up with that one with a Mallory Unilite, but the car does run good. Here are the specs: Brand MSD Peak Current 140 mA Primary Resistance .7 OHMs Product Type Coil Secondary Resistance 4.5K OHMs So could the coil be the cause for my tach under- reading? If so, can someone recommend a coil that can give the car the most juice while not interfering with the tach? Thanks! Kevin.
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies. I love this site too! Rocketman, I'll check on the coil and let you know. I definitely did use a coil I've never used before with this application.
  8. Thank you everyone for your replies. I love this site too! Rocketman, I'll check on the coil and let you know. I definitely did use a coil I've never used before with this application.
  9. Hi all. I've been reading this thread and trying to fix a problem. My factory tach reads too low. I seem to remember swapping out the tach and having the same problem. I'm running a Mallory Unilite distributor. Does anyone know if that is a common problem with Unilite distributors? If the tach is okay, what could be the problem and how do I fix it? Thanks!
  10. Hi all. I have a 3 oversized drain plug on my 351C and it still leaks. I want the drain plug to be magnetic. I've seen the rubber plugs that expand to seal, but they don't have magnets. I want something that looks stock and has a magnet. Any ideas? Is there a 4 oversize? I don't want to change the oil pan as it is original. It would be great if you could send me a link I could follow if you have a solution. Also, I broke my Teflon oil line for my pressure gauge and don't want to replace the entire line. I found this in my parts bin but I don't know where I bought it. It's one time use only. Could someone please lead me in the right direction? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Rio! That appears to be the same information I got from another member. I'm going to contact that vendor tomorrow.
  12. Beautiful car! Welcome from Birmingham Alabama!
  13. Does anyone know of a rebuilding service for tilt steering wheel columns?
  14. It's mine now, lol! Waiting to go on the most deserving project I have!
  15. Good info David. To be clear, how do you think it would help me in my current situation? I sit still a good idea to look for the original motor to my Cougar? And I guess you're saying that if someone replies I should verify and then tell them they need to give me the motor back? And if they don't I could probably hire an attorney here to prosecute? Please let me know what the DMV says. I doubt I could get ant info of any kind from the DMV here. Do you think a registration in a non-title state like mine here would have as much clout as a title? Thanks. Kevin.
  16. Interesting info David. But here in Alabama, and some other states, cars older than a certain year aren't titled. As a matter of fact, the people at the DMV here get mad at me if a present a title when I buy an old Mustang. They typically say, "We don't need that. All we need is a Bill of Sale." They inspect the car and give me a registration certificate. That gives me ownership of the car. It gives me the right to do whatever I want to do with it. If the car is too rusty to build, I can part it out. Then I can sell the parts, including the engine or transmission. I find it hard to believe that anyone who presents a title from 20 years ago for a car registered in my name can claim ownership of any parts from the car. I don't think Alabama would prosecute the case. After all, they inspected the car and the paperwork and gave ownership of the car to me. If what you say is true, that someone with an old title is the owner of the original motor, then you would think it would follow that if a car is legally registered in my name in a state that doesn't title such cars, and if I find the motor to that car somewhere else, that I can force the person who possesses that motor to hand it over to me for free. That seems like a stretch. I would expect that if I find an original motor to any of the cars I own and want it back, I'll have to pay whatever the person who possesses it wants me to pay. I think the key difference is that we are talking about cars that are 50 years old. A lot of things can happen to a car in 50 years. You were talking about an experience in the 70's. Those rules might apply today for a car that's a few years old but you'd probably have to have a police report documenting the motor as having been stolen. It is, however, an interesting topic for discussion. Here's what I'll do if I find the motor to one of my cars on the boss302 forum. I'll demand that the person who has it hand it over to me immediately. When he asks why, I'll say, "because David said so!"lol.
  17. Hi all. What's the website I can post to looking for my original motor and transmission? Thanks.
  18. Hi Geoff! I am 61 and , yes, I remember back around 1982 when driving my 1971 Mustang Mach I, the throttle cable broke. Major PITA, Funny. When I read your post about "Rednecks," I didn't think you ever heard of those in Canada. They're all over the place where I live in Birmingham, AL., lol!
  19. Hi. What is the best way to search to see if someone is a member of this forum? Thanks! Kevin.
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