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  1. Update: The door tag shows Body Code of 63D = Sportsroof, w/Standard Interior, Buckets. I'll know more after the weekend when I pull the fenders. Thanks,
  2. Thanks for all the grave outlooks. Specially the one about the "hobbyists", when I just completed the attached. Not sure many hobbyists can do this all by themselves. Even paint. But I have owned Mach 1's before as well. Hope to do just as good a job as this on my trouble titled Mustang. I'll take the fender off and let you know what I find. Thanks,
  3. Ok so I found a different VIN Number on the door tag: It shows 2F02F10766 Now I'm even more confused. Why is this different then the dash tag? I know the dash tag is original (no tampering), so why would these be different. Haven't taken the fender off yet to see what the tie breaker is. But this is going to be tricky with the DMV. Thanks,
  4. Afternoon Everyone, New member here. Owned Mustangs before but have been more on the Vettes and Camaro Forums. So I just snagged a great deal on a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 (at least that's what it looks like). I was looking up how to decode the VIN on the Mustang. What I first found is that there weren't enough numbers listed. Found that was because VIN numbers increased in 1981. Then I came here and found a few members posted a VIN Decoder. Well tried and it came back I have a "convertible". Pretty tricky if it is, they did a good job putting a hard top on it. Just trying to find out as much about it as I can, if you can help here is the VIN from the plate on the dash: 1F03F105593 Looks like it was originally Green (now house painted white). Thanks,
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