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  1. Still searching for a 4 barrel for my 302. Plenty of 1.12 carbs out there but not many 1.08’s and the ones that are folks want close to $500 for them. My question is has anyone successfully run the larger 1.12 on a stock 302 2V? I see there is Venturi restricting rings available, not sure if that is the way to go. 480 vs 600 CFM…. I’d rather be at 480
  2. If it was running well before the additive and poorly after then I would lean towards the additive being the culprit. Making adjustments will only compound the problem. I am a electronics technician by trade and was told long ago if it was working yesterday and not today an adjustment probably isn’t the problem. The distributor didn’t move itself, nor anything on the carb. This problem occurred only after adding the additive correct? Could be something as simple as fouled plugs… What additive did you use?
  3. Thanks to the both of you. I understand now HK I appreciate the chart Galucha! Just what I needed. I also answered my own question concerning the vacuum pickoffs. They all run off of the manifold…. See, told you I was new to these Mustangs.
  4. Ok, now I am even more confused, did you mean 4100 Hemikiller? I already have a 2100 The summit Carb may be the way to go, but this is a budget build with my son so a carb rebuild would be good as well as saving a few $ Chuck, Our discussion on Saturday is what got me thinking about all this. My real concern is what 4100 is what? I have no idea what the tags decode to and also I don’t see any vacuum pickoffs on the 4100. I looked for a bit last night about 4100 info, but didn’t see anything concerning application or CFM decoding. Ron
  5. Please excise any ignorance on my part, I am new to 71-73 Mustangs. That said I am going through my 72 and I need to either rebuild the stock 2 barrel or install the 289 performer intake that came with the car. If I decide to do the latter I want to stay with an original style carb. I believe the 4300 series carbs are what I should be looking for, but I have also heard the the 4100 series carbs are good as well. I guess what I am asking is what carb would be stock replacement carb for my car? It’s a 72 coupe with a 302 2V. I see 4100 and 4300 carbs all over Ebay however I don’t know which one to look for, what the tag should say etc. I don’t want to get the wrong CFM or have to play a lot with jetting. any help would be well…. Helpful! Thanks Ron
  6. I am assuming it’s an automatic, a manual trans would have allowed you to get home by bumping the idle and increase and decrease speed with gear selection and braking. Could be done with an auto as well, just more of a pain and it may not shift out of first. Either way a broken cable shouldn’t leave you stranded. I was a broke kid once. Had to learn how to drive without brakes, clutch and throttle out of necessity! Not all at the same time though ;)
  7. Hello, I am attempting to do an auto to manual conversion on my sons ‘72 as such I need all the parts you have listed. I am quickly realizing how expensive this is. Is there a way you can come down on the price a little. This conversion is for my son’s first car and we have a tight budget. I don’t want to lowball you on an offer so I am wondering what your best price is. Kind regards, Ron Cribbs P.S. I tried to send you a private message, but it said you cannot accept messages for some reason
  8. Well shoot, maybe I should have checked first before asking. You know what they say when you “assume” something. Thanks guys! Ron
  9. Hello Gents, Is there a supplier out there that sells a lock set just for the doors and trunk only? My ignition cylinder already has a key and is fully functional. There is no key for the doors or trunk on my car. Going off of memory Ford used a squarish key for the ignition and oval key for everything else. Every set I can find has the ignition and doors and no trunk or a complete set that includes ignition which I don’t need. There is plenty of trunk or doors only, but I don’t want 3 separate keys. Thanks for any help, I am new to this... Ron
  10. Just purchased 72 coupe. Optioned with Power Steering, AC, but no power brakes. This is going to be my sons first car. My concern is this won’t be safe, driving is a little different now than it was in 1972. I have driven plenty of cars with manual drum and disc brakes. Mostly on smaller cars and it was adequate enough to stop the car. This Mustang is heavy and having never driven one I was thinking this might be more than he can handle. Everything brake wise needs replacing, so now is the time to do it. So, for those with manual brakes, should I keep them and save some money or do a power disc swap on the front.
  11. Hello all, my name is Ron and just purchased a 1972 Coupe for my 15yr old son. It needs some work but runs and mostly works. I am contemplating swapping the C4 to a manual. Other than than that it’s a cleanup and paint and rolling restoration. I will get it safe and reliable, it’s up to him to make it something nice. I am glad there is a forum dedicated to these cars. I have attached a couple pictures of me pulling it out of the barn and another of it in my back field.
  12. Thanks everyone, car is home and we are going through it. Lots of work to be done, but it will be worth it. I appreciate the links and time taken to reply. Ron
  13. Thank you for the picture, seems like I have a lot of sourcing to do. It would be nice if I had a donor vehicle to get everything I need in one place.
  14. Looks pretty good for 6 yrs of use. I read through the thread. Did you manage to make a parts list since 2014?
  15. Hey guys, new here. Just picked up a ‘72 coupe. I do not do automatics in anything I drive so I am wanting to get rid of the C4. I have done an auto to manual swap on my ‘72 Dodge pickup, so not a stranger to the required work. I have read a few articles and even a few threads here about swaps, I am wanting to do something with all Ford parts to get around fabrication and modifications. I would like to use a T-5 and possibly make it all work using factory clutch parts/linkage,bell housing and flywheel. Is this a pipe dream? 2V302 for reference. Thanks for any help or information you can provide. Ron
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