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  1. For what it’s worth, my ‘72 has the seat release levers on the outside back of the seat....so drivers and passenger are specific...and not interchangeable
  2. 1972 coupe

    Calgary, Canada

  3. Picture of the lens and top of the bezel....shows how bad the lens cover is....underneath half is white, the other half is blue
  4. Thx all... I figured that was melted on plastic...I guess with everything...I just have to be real careful removing...and then melt on new plastic to replace. It looks like the key is to ensure I avoid breaking off the nubs, so I have a spot the good news is that as those melted plastic pins are hidden, so I can butcher it...and no one will ever know... :) Was it hard or just tedious to remove the alt meter lens?
  5. thx Good idea about using the plastic polish to buff up those lens covers. I did use a polish on my speedo/tach lens cover, which worked great, but the tri-cluster gauge lens covers are in rough shape (in my opinion...I bought them off eBay about 15 years ago, when I started accumulating parts, while my car was parked waiting to be restored) I believe the spring pins you refer to hold the 2 bezel pieces together, and are not the ones I am referring to. The ones I am talking about fasten the 3 separate ~2inch round clear lens covers that you look through to see the ga
  6. Has anyone tried removing the 3 plastic lens covers on the center console gauge cluster (oil pressure, alt meter, water temp)? Mine are yellowed out, so I want to replace the lenses....and Ohio mustang is selling replacement lens for about $30 With 40+ years of age, i expect the bezel to be quite brittle...and as they are a rare/expensive bezel....I certainly don’t want to damage the bezel. I haven’t tried pulling the lenses, but It almost looks like the holding pins are melted onto the bezel. Any comments suggestions are appreciated. cheers
  7. Hi

    1972 mustang coupe


    ~94,000 original miles

    Car has been in my immediate family since it was 6 months old.

    I bought it from my parents when I turned 16...many years ago, drove it till the early 1990’s, then parked it for 25+ years.

    Got all the bodywork completed a couple winters ago

    Currently freshening up the interior

    Calgary, Canada


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