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  1. Geoff, Thanks for the info. At some point the car went to Texas after 1982. I assume the California DMV will only be able to trace California based owners.. I will keep doing an internet search to see what I can find.
  2. Thanks for the info.. I wondered what the police reference was. Am doing a search to see if I can find the original owner..
  3. Managed to get some more cool documentation for my car today. It has been in the mail for some weeks / months. Original registration info along with the original owner card.
  4. Geoff, Yep I left the incandescent globes in place for the trans shifter, and back lights for the heater, headlight switch and wiper switch. Also of note, the LED's need to go in the correct orientation. So make sure you test them once installed before reassembly to ensure they are in the right way. If they dont work, just remove and rotate 180 deg and reinstall.
  5. Check the dash lights them selves. Of the 14 lights in my standard dash, none worked. Only the alternator one worked and thats in a different type of socket. All the globes were ok but there was corrosion on the contacts on the black twist plugs AND on the contacts on the globes also. I replaced the dash light globes with LED's that use the same type of contact. I left the standard globes in for the Oil light, Temp light, brake light and the indicator lights.
  6. How about this. The reverse scoop was added for race homologation. Was not functional on the road cars as it did not feed directly into the air filter but there was a vary large hole in the bonnet under it..
  7. Thanks for the info.. I checked with my engineer and he was happy to leave the front belts where they were and was not concerned about the access issue. I have found a solution for the back where I can put an eyelet in the sail panel, and then just clip the rear belts into it when needed. When not in use they can roll up and stay beside the back seats. Will post pics when I get the belts and do the install.
  8. Thanks for the info. I assume this is for the front seat and not the back? Do you have any completed job pictures? For my fronts, I just used the original bolt holes and a XA/XB Falcon set up with a 250mm drop link.
  9. It seems that my plan to put an inertia reel belt in with the reel on the floor in the original location will be problematic as the belt manufacturers dont have a current approved design. In talking to the manufacturer, they do have an option for a fixed belt where the shoulder belt can be detached from the anchor point if needed. So am waiting for some drawings to be sent to see if this is an option. This way, the only evidence of a belt is an eyelet in the top rear quarter near the window when the belt is not needed or the rear seat is folded down. Will keep you posted.
  10. David, Thanks for the update. Here are the pictures of the front seat belt install with the drop link as you described. Plus the stalks. Here is the picture of the rear section. Note the red circle where the bolt can go. There is no room for an inertia real up in that space. I plan to have the real on the floor in the original space where it is now and it retracts into the floor. The plate David mentions is like this one. It has a nut welded into it and then can also have additional screws or welded to hold it in place and spreads the load and can easily be installed in the top rear section of the body.
  11. Digging up a old thread. David, did you have to do any repair work to the panels before painting? Mine are brittle with scratches and paint chipping off? Looking for any threads on how to repair the original ones. I have a fold down rear seat car, so need to repair the rear ones as they are not made.. So figure I should repair them all. Thoughts?
  12. Nice install. Im currently looking at adding 3 point to my fold down rear seat sports roof. I also want to use the inertia reel, but plan on putting it in the same place as the original and bolting the top anchor point to the inside of the rear quarter. There is a panel and access in there to do it. See the picture (Not my car). Ideally I would like to just have an eyelet for the belt to clip into and have the rest of the belt retract into the real that is on the floor in the original location. I will keep you guys updated with the progress. Here is an install of a belt that is not inertia reel.
  13. Yep has the California emissions on it from factory to probably why it is there.. My cruise control is my right boot. lol
  14. My 7/72 seems to have the speed sensor on the speedo cable from factory. I assume this is on the later ones.?
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