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  1. All good Geoff.. Happy to help. Re the wiper motor. As mine is a one owner (now 2), Im unlikely to strip it back and do a complete rebuild. But ya never know. So it is unlikely that I will get a stencil made for the wiper motor.
  2. Well, I managed to get the bung out. Put a new pipe in it.. Now to get it back in.. Oh the joy's.. Geoff, Looking at the set up, I think yours is in back the front. I figure, the purpose of the water pipe going in through the bung into the bonnet and then coming out the large oval hole is to avoid the pipe being pinched by the rubber that seals the engine bay and the back of the bonnet. If you look at your pipe, 1/2 way between the 3 way connector and the bung, you can see that the pipe has been sandwiched between the bonnet and the rubber that is on the body to seal the
  3. Wow.. Impressive work. Major updates.. Great work.
  4. John, Groovy.. Thanks for the info. Looks great. Brendan.
  5. David, Thanks for the info and the pictures. Most helpful. I wont worry out the space saver. Will just have to put a full size in there and manage with the lack of space.. The picture also helped me understand that the 2 flat parts on the floor of the trunk are for.,. (ie the stand for the folded down rear seat door. Of interest, what colour would you say the paint in the trunk is. Mine has a fair bit of surface rust so may need to clean it up and paint it.
  6. My 72 Mach1 has had a closed door repaint (the same colour (Gold Glow). I can still see where the stripes were in the door jams etc. I will compare the pics in the link to see. Im also looking for the correct measurements for the blacked out hood.. I am seriously thinking of getting a decal or vinyl wrap done for it. So if any one has the measurements and a link.. That would be great. I have seen that there is a stencil kit you can buy, but this is to be used to paint the bonnet and I dont plan on doing that. I plan on the black bonnet that narrows at the front rather than the all bl
  7. Geoff, Thanks for that. Looking at your pic and others I have seen.. I also have the white connector. For mine, the pipe from the water bottle goes in through the grommet, and then out through the larger hole to the 3 way T piece. Where as yours is the other way around. It is not important, but just a curious difference. I will try and push out the pipe and then extract the grommet. I suspect that the pipe has slightly melted into the grommet due to heat over the last 48 years. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for the updates. It is really appreciated.
  8. Guys, OK cool. So if it is a rubber grommet, I will have a crack at getting it out and just replace the hose in the grommet. Thanks for the tip Have either of you managed to get the grommet out in the past? Should I push it through and leave the hose connected and rescue it from the bonnet cavity or pull it out towards he engine bay? Thanks in advance. Brendan
  9. My 72 Mach1 is an Auto. I recently had the trans sifter out to service it and replace the bushes. The set of plugs, a green one, black one and a single wire white one all go to the trans sifter. From memory the green one has 2 pins in it with a green block next to them to help orientate the plug and socket. I also did the engine number search this week and found it on a flat section of the block between the head and the gear box bell housing. You will need a mirror, some steel wool and a bit of water to clean and then find it.
  10. MKSpeedlab, Thanks for the info. I will give it another go before I take the grinder to them.
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