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  1. Update.. Found it.. Needed steel wool and a bit of water. There is a square block behind the kick down rod (of the auto) on the block. A bit of steel wool and elbow grease and a mirror fixed the issue. Happy to say a matching numbers engine to the car.
  2. Update.. Found it.. Needed steel wool and a bit of water. There is a square block behind the kick down rod (of the auto) on the block. A bit of steel wool and elbow grease and a mirror fixed the issue. Happy to say a matching numbers engine to the car.
  3. PKJ, Thanks for the tip. Will have a look to see what I can find. At least knowing where to search will make the finding easier. Will use the phone in selfie mode to see if I can find it. Fortunately for me, no master cylinder and the engine bay, while looking a tad rusty, has minimal gunk.. Will see how I go. thanks Brendan..
  4. Hey guys, Oh so many questions.. Im new to the 71-73 scene.. Per my other posts, I have just picked up a 72 Mach1 H code. From what I can tell the engine is the original one. Where is the most likely place for the body number to be stamped on the block? Drivers side and the back or passenger side? Is is usually near the top so can be seen from the top of the engine bay or do I need to get under it? Any info would be appreciated. Regards Brendan
  5. Thanks guys. I do see the grill for a speaker in the dash. Will have to get in there and have a look. Will need to find some replacement speakers for the rear that look like they came from the 70's.. Would be nice to replace the plastics in the back as they look brittle and a bit scuffed up but Im guessing they are not made and hard to get in Ginger.
  6. Geoff, Thanks for the pics, They are really helpful. I will take some more of mine and share.
  7. Thanks for the info Geoff. Re the spare tyre, I dont plan on using it and plan on putting a current tyre on it. Was just curious to see if it was a 1972 vintage..
  8. Thanks guys. Its an odd bracket. Looks like it had a ground wire attached at some point. May be part of the UHF Set up.
  9. Thanks for the info Geoff. Its odd that 3 of the buckles are the square type and only 1 is the round starburst type. U had my money on the square ones being original. Any pics of your original belts would be great. My car is a July 72 car. I will use a local Seatbelt restorer here in Melbourne Australia to remake mine with local belt webbing that is Australian standard approved once I get an understanding as to how they should be.
  10. Gents, Im new to the 71-73 series Mustang and per other threads have just picked up a 72 Mach1. I noticed this bracket in the trunk on the drivers side and is screwed to the lip on the left. Any ideas what it may be for? Per another thread, it seems the car has had a UHF radio installed under the dash. Could it be related? Or is this a bracket for the jack?
  11. Gents, I have a 7/72 Mach 1 with a factory optioned AM radio on the build sheet. My car has speakers installed behind the front seats in the side panels below the small quarter windows. They look like this. Are these the original ones per Ford or has someone replaced them? The one on the drivers side is cracked on the outer rim and does not hold onto the metal speaker.. But is fixable. (I think). Any info would be appreciated.
  12. This is a great thread on seatbelts. I'm in Australia and need to replace my belts to meet local laws. However, I can get mine rebuilt using the original buckles etc. Does anyone have any pictures of the original 72 belt set up and how the shoulder strap hooks up when not in use? Here is a picture of the ends in the middle of the car. I expect the one with the square button is the original as the back seat ones are the same. I think the drivers side one ( the one with the round button) has been replaced at some point in the last 48 years...)
  13. Installed a new set of plugs. Oh man, the guys with the big block cars must hate changing plugs. The 351 Windsor is so much easier than the Cleveland..!
  14. Thanks for the kind words guys.. I have updated my blog again this arvo with a heap more pictures. I also got the standard Marty report emailed to me today and the car has all the items listed apart from a small upgrade to a AM/FM radio. The rest is all there. Not a huge list of options, but hey.. that's what makes the car. (See my blog for the data) Have pictured all the original stickers, tags etc from the car and put them on the blog. Also pictured some of the original doco on the blog also. Im keen for you guys to help with some questions I have.. Is the spare tyre / wheel I have original from 1972? Can someone advise if the part number on the carby is correct for a H code 351 2v. It still has the 2 on the heads. Can someone advise if the part number on the alternator is correct for a H code non AC car? Was the fan shroud originally fiberglass. If so, I think the one on the car is original. Ignore the awful colour of the radiator. It needs a repair. (on my to do list) I also keen to understand what the original 7/72 belt buckles should look like. The one on the left (Below) is the same on the passenger seat and the rear seats. The driver side has a round button. So is different. Any clues as to what is correct for my car? Also keen to see original looking shoulder belts and how they hook up. I have seen some pictures of cars where the shoulder strap looks up along the top of the drivers window. Mine has a elastic strap (perished and all hard) that I think is used to look onto a clip behind here the shoulder strap is bolted to the roof on a hook that looks like a coat hanger hook..? Any info re the seat belts would be appreciated. I need to replace them due to Australian design rules and am keen to get them re made to look right but also be compliant with my local laws. Any help would be appreciated. See my blog for more pictures. - https://72mach1mustang.blogspot.com/
  15. LOL.. It is going to be enough of a challenge to be driving the car from the left seat on the left side of the road, let alone sharpen the knives at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion though.. This Mach1 is a long way from where it was born..
  16. Fabrice, Thanks for that. A CB would make sense as it has a aerial cable behind it that is laying on the floor with a large UHF screw connector. Will look to remove it and see if I can find where the aerial wire goes. Thanks.
  17. Guys, Just picked up my 7/72 Mach1. I noticed that it has this bracket below the wiper switch. It seems to have an edge connector on it for easy removal. It is the bracket only. what was there seems to be long gone. Any ideas? Was it a factory Ford Item? There seems to be connectors on the wires behind.. So I suspect it is an after market item. Any clues? The car has the stock AM/FM radio installed in the normal place with speakers behind the front seats in the side panels.
  18. I purchased mine last week and today I had mine delivered. 72 Mach 1 H code, auto.
  19. Today I picked up / had delivered my 7/72 Mach 1 in Gold glow. This baby is as stock as they come. All tags such as carby, engine, body tags are still in place. Interior is like new and is original. Was a 1 owner car from Texas. Just arrived in Melbourne Australia. Only rust is in the lower rear quarters. The rest of the body is sound. Still has drum brakes all round. Have ordered a Marty report to get an update as to factory options. Based on how I see it it has the following base / options: Mach 1 Sports roof, Gold glow, 351 2v, FMX Auto, 2.75:1 9"diff, standard ginger trim, fold down rear seat, AM/FM radio, optional 14" wheel covers. To get it on the road only needs some rubbers here and there, rust repair, plus the usual Aust changes such as seat belts, head lights, rubber brake lines etc. I have created a blog to document the work done on the car. - https://72mach1mustang.blogspot.com/
  20. Are all the antenna's that are discussed above the square base type?
  21. Question. What is the actual colour of Eleanor? There are about 4 colours that are close to each other in 71/72. Is it 6f - Gold Glow 6e - Med bright yellow 6d - Yellow 6c - Med yellow gold 6b - light goldenrod In the movie it seems to change, but that's likely to be just the lighting on the day. Looking at the above video I think it is med bright yellow..
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