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  1. Thanks for the lead. I will order some of that and try it. Luckily I sprayed the dye on a test interior piece I had lying around. The console itself is virgin.
  2. Trying to refresh my interior a bit this year and want to repaint my center console. Purchased the Interior Lacquer Charcoal Black Metallic 1967-1973 CJ's Part Number: LAC19 from CJ's and it is just to glossy. Has anyone found a product that matches color and sheen? I would call the interior more of a Satin Black.
  3. Welcome to the show From Wisconsin
  4. They come with a slide adjuster to hold the male buckle up so you don't have to search for it. They have the "Oshit" stop as well. They seem to be GREAT to $125.00. I ordered another set for my 67 F100 this morning and if I can figure out a good spot for the back seat I will order another set for that.
  5. Summit Racing was having a sale on QA1 suspension stuff and I have been looking at there coil overs for some time. Well.....the time was now. Regular price was $629.95 and they were on sale for $566.96. I had to bite! They are expected the week of the 25th. Can't wait to see what difference they make in handling and ride
  6. Funny as I just replaced my factory erector set type today with some I purchased from Summit Racing for 126.99 (pair) for the RetroBelt RB-6573MUSTKT-BL. I wanted to put some shoulder belts in a 67 F100 I am doing and ordered these. I liked them and the "Retro" type buckle that I decided to put them in my 71 and they seem to be working great.
  7. Mach1s


    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Having a good time just running through all of the different topics.
  8. Mach1s


    I have been looking for a ragtop and have decided I need a 67-68 or a 71-73. Yours is beautiful. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Mach1s


    Was at Jefferson swap Meet today in Wisconsin and met a great guy (name unknown) with a 71 or 71 Mach 1. He told me about this site and here I am. He has done a shit ton of work to his Blue Mach 1 and I envy all the work performed on his own. Look forward to getting and using everyone's knowledge and thank everyone ahead of time.
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