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  1. That looks pretty awesome. I love it! That steering wheel is great, what is it?
  2. I have ordered TMI Custom trim for my 71 Mach. Had to special order it but got it through JEGS considerably cheaper than CJ's or any of the other outlets. Custom orders are apparently backed up a few months. Ordered in April and are due to deliver at the End of July. I saw Muscle Tony's TMI interior and had to have it! I will post pics when I finally get them and let you know what I think. I did get the "Sport" upholstery with the side bolsters.
  3. It’s a car… not a woman and for the record’ I had all the warts removed!!
  4. Hey!!! Congratz. Your life will Never be the same! (For the good!). Your the Alaska guy!! Follow your journey on Utube!!
  5. This week (so far) I have racked up 320 miles. Drove to work a few times and tooled around town a few times. I have a place by me called Gus’s Drive Inn that I try to make it to a few times a year and this weekend is one of them. I LOvE THE DRIVE!! Thanks for the update on PA Tony. I wish I could have rolled with you! what to do next????!!!!!!!!!???????
  6. Thanks for the Technical info. That is really good to know that it actually makes a difference. Thanks CMS & Tony!!
  7. I have owned my 71 since 1994. I am 50 yrs old and drive my car any chance I get. I put about 250 miles a week on it in the summer. Don’t really fuss about a little rust or a dent here or there. I just enjoy the DRIVE. I do upgrades and like to just look but to me it is all about the Drive.
  8. How do you drive your 71-73? Are you the type to fix it up and stare at it in your garage? or Are you the type that Drives? If so, how many miles a year do you think you put on your car?
  9. I know of two. Legendary Wheels and HK Wheels. I am toying with the idea myself. I like the Legendary because they look more like the originals but the HK are nice as well.
  10. It seems they carry the “Mustangs Unlimited line as well as all of Mustang Plus stuff like the “Grab a Trac” line as well as other supplies. Not sure what is up with that but?? Just received another email from them for a 15% off and free shipping deal for Father’s Day. Look it up if interested.
  11. Got an email from “Top Flight Automotive”. Never heard of them before but were giving me 15% and free shipping. Looked up the Dynacorn ram-air plenum to find I could have it delivered for $190.00. Could not pass that up so here it is.
  12. Just sitting here after a 100 mile drive looking at my car having a beer thinking………. Who does not find these lines sexy as hell! ?????? Anyone????
  13. What are you asking for it? Its a 2V engine. I have sold a dozen of those or so and I have gotten generally $300 for a bare block with main caps and $500.00 for a complete standard motor.
  14. Just seen Summit Racing has these QA1's on sale again at $566.96 a pair. (QA1-MS402-10400C) Normal price is $629.95 if anyone is interested. I noticed because I went on to check on the price of the matching single adjustable rear shocks QA1-TS601 - QA1 Stocker Star Shocks which are also on sale so I ordered them. I'm really digging mine!!
  15. I would have to say the insert is warped. Here is a pic of mine.
  16. Just used the “oven cleaner” to realize my console lid has been replaced at some point as it appears to be ginger. Be careful with that shit. Works fast than expected.
  17. I am 8-5/8” right behind the fender bolt at the bottom of pinch weld. Put about 30 miles on today and I am going to drop the adjustment to 6 clicks as the roads around here are a bit harsh. At 10 clicks they really flattened out my corners and feel great. Need to get an alignment. Feels to be over steering a bit.
  18. Maybe you can help me out. My car has mostly original paint except in the rear where some gulf coast body work was done back in what I was told the late 70’s. Anyway my paint has turned white. I can attach some pics but they don’t do it justice. Looks milky. I have taken it in and had it portered by professionals that said they can’t get it out. Any idea’s. It is mostly 50 yr old paint. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I was closer, I would just bring it to you!!
  19. Cut them off and pop out the interior nuts. Then install a rivet nuts in there place.
  20. You are a master now young Jedi! Great work! I would like to see that Audi in may garage.
  21. I have driven this car on almost every sunny day for the last for the last 25 years. Its not a trailer queen of a show winner. A little surface rust is not much of a concern to me. When I get around to replacing the control arms I will more than likely clean and paint the area but for now WE DRIVE !!
  22. Got the new dye today from NPD. I also picked up dome oven cleaner to clean the console lid before paint. I contacted a member that redid his console and installed a cup holder where the ashtray was. I ordered a cup holder and I'm going to try to do something similar.
  23. That is perfect! I did a search and did not see that one so THANKS! Looks like I'm going to need a few more parts. I will have to look into the differences with the early 71 models.
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