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  1. Thanks! And yes, you are correct. The previous owner repainted the car. It's coded for Blue Glow and if I'd have to guess, I'd say the blue I currently have may have been a blue used on T-Birds at some time in the past. The prev. owner enjoyed restoring T-Birds.
  2. Hello from Seattle! 73 351 H Code with a C6 transmission. Coded Blue Glow (repainted) with Med. Blue Knitted Vinyl interior.
  3. Thank you! I'm 6'10 and have been searching for some guidance on how to move my 73's seat back. This is AWESOME and very much appreciated. Steven
  4. Hello! Former owner of a 1967 coupe and lucky new owner of a 1973 convertible! Looking forward to meeting folks and learning about the 71-73 ponies. Steven
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