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  1. Old thread here, but we are doing a concourse restoration on a 1973 Mach 1 Q-Code and we need front/rear torque boxes. Our car needs them, and nobody sells them, so what are the options here? Does Don at Ohio Mustang fabricate and sell custom ones or something? Thanks in advance.
  2. What is the preferred method to do a car "right" and perform a concourse restoration these days on a 71-73 Mach 1/Boss? I am interviewing two shops, one is suggesting the full acid dip and the other is saying they prefer media blast. The car does have quite a bit of rust and has been a midwest/northern car most of its life. The car has sentimental value so I am wanting a "no expenses spared" restoration and it will remain in our family forever--I want the restoration to last. The car was undercoated when new, but we are looking to go back to red oxide floors, etc
  3. Hello, I have recently acquired a 1973 Mach 1 Q-Code with an interesting story. My Dad bought the car brand new, SOLD it in 1980, and with the help of Kevin Marti I was recently able to obtain the VIN and then ultimately track the car down a few weeks ago. My parents got married in this car in 1974, so it was very cool to surprise them with it, they were shocked! That said, the car is barely running and driving right now and is in "barn find" condition. It has quite a bit of rust will need a complete rotisserie restoration. The car will ultimately be mine, and I'm a Mustang collector myself, so this would be a very special one to add to my collection someday and I would like the car "done right" because I'll be keeping it forever. I realize I'll be completely upside down compared to the value of the car, and I am OK with that because of the history. The car is currently located near Nashville, TN, but we are willing to transport it to the right shop. Anyone have shop recommendations? And also, roughly how much should this cost for a complete restoration?
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