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  1. Its time for new tires on my 73 mustang. Apparently, between the time I put the tires on and now, these sizes stopped being popular. Nobody in town carries my sizes. They're a special order and its gonna run me north of $950 for 4 new tires. I figured that was my sign to start thinking about getting a different set of rims and switch to a more popular size. I'm looking at the magnum 500 wheel and tire sets available online. The sets at CJpony are 15x7 and 15x8 with 4.25" and 4.50" backspacing. And 16x8 sets with 4.5" backspacing. I presume the sets they sell will install on a 73
  2. On the classicautoair website, their kit has a dropdown to allow you to select a full kit with a compressor and the brackets to install on a 351C with power steering. Does anybody happen to have the instructions or pictures from an installation using that setup? I have a family member wondering about installing one of these kits. Just trying to figure out what we're in for. They make it sound like you can just buy the kit and it'll have everything you need to bolt everything right up. And is there anything special to do when charging the system? I know how to pull a vacuum on a curre
  3. This is a 73 mach1 with factory disc brakes. Years ago, I had the suspension parts replaced. Then the car sat. I had it up on the alignment rack today and we saw the joints at both control arms where they meet the spindles doesnt look like its supposed to be that way. It looks like maybe the stud was too fat to fit in the hole in the spindle. Or maybe they didnt get seated all the way? Or maybe they are fully installed, but some mice have eaten away the rubber boots? Hopefully somebody here has an idea from these pictures.
  4. It was originally an FMX. Its a c4 now with a shift kit. planning on a tremec swap at some point.
  5. Is it that square looking hook? My car has the square-ish hook still there. I always thought those were the hooks you still see in modern day cars for hanging up your suit jacket and dry cleaning. :D
  6. You should be able to tell from under the car if the parking brake cables are connected to each other. In order to see that each of the rear cables is connected to the rear shoe, you have to pull off the wheel and drum. In this photo, on the one on the left, you can see the "parking brake cable and housing" coming into the drum at the bottom. Then it connects to the "parking brake lever" near the bottom. And the parking brake lever connects to the brake shoe near the top at a pivot point and it held in place with the "parking brake lever retaining clip". Then Directly below the whee
  7. Its a '73 mach 1. It has factory lap belts and they have an extra little bend and a slot in them like you could attach an optional shoulder seat belt somehow.
  8. Is there a factory point somewhere for the shoulder belt to connect to? I don't see one. Hopefully its hiding under the trim.
  9. Thanks. On the 4 pin one, do you happen to know which wires go where? Mine were all cut off about 2" long. I have one of the ignition coil terminals plugged in there and the engine runs, so that may be the right one. And I think the water temp sending unit is plugged into one and that gauge works. I still have the oil temp one and something else to sort out. There is a weird issue where the car won't run if I unplug the tach in the dash. It'll fire, but as soon as I stop cranking the key, the engine dies unless the tach is connected. That seems weird to me.
  10. I have a few more wire's and connectors under the hood I'm trying to figure out and get plugged into the correct spots. Plug #5 is coming from the firewall near the master cylinder. It has 4 connectors with red and white wires. I have 2 of them hooked to the coil and the water temp sending unit. This harness was cut off when I got the car. I'd like to know where the other two wires go, and it would be even cooler if I could buy the correct harness to plug in here. When I look around online, I see 3 connector harnesses that say they go to the engine feeds. Plug #6 is a 3-connecto
  11. I have some mystery connectors flopping around in the space where my radio once was. There's also a connector or two hanging down from that radio area to where the gas pedal is. The car is a 73 mach 1 with factory air. First connector is square and what looks like orange with green hash, black with light blue hash, and a white or light blue. The orange+green and black+blue wires head left back behind the gauge cluster and over towards the driver fender. I'm guessing this could be the door speaker connector. Second connector is 3 in a row. Its a little longer and could possibly
  12. I got one of these made in Taiwan aftermarket kits. Maybe its just the one I got or maybe its my technique, but the way the nostrils on the hood fit up to the ram air plenum is garbage. The plenum itself screws to the hood fine and all the holes line up. Its the 2 ram air inserts on the outside of the hood. Mine are factory hood inserts and they had the factory blockoff plates in them that I removed. I'm gonna need some flex seal or air duct tape on the joints where everything comes together with the Taiwanese ram air kit. Somewhat related, can somebody explain how the kit is suppose
  13. I had a 95 GT. I had "hard wired" in a wire for the dash cam. It was powered when the key was on. I used ane of those add-a-fuse things. Pull out some existing fuse that's powered on with the key, install the add-a-fuse, and then install your original fuse.
  14. I would look inside the trunk. Should be pretty easy to tell if your rear quarter panels are original to the car or somebody welded on a fastback onto a convertible. I'd look for other "mach 1" features like the honeycomb grille/rear panel, color matched bumper, color matched racing mirrors, gas cap, variable ratio steering box, staggered rear shocks. You could also look for "convertible" features. I never had one myself. But I believe the part is called the support plate. On convertible cars, its at the very bottom of the car under the rear tail of the transmission. If a car ha
  15. I have a 351w in my '73. The headers are "summit" brand, ordered from summit racing. I guess they count as long tube. They had a 3-bolt collector flange that extended down around the transmission.
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