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  1. Thanks! If I understand correctly, they have the stuff I need but do not seem to send parts to Sweden so I have to find a solution to get them home.
  2. Unfortunately, I need the whole kit, both the bracket in the car and in the engine. The mounts that have been sitting before are homemade so the car's mounts are from 351 and also rebuilt 351 mounts on the engine and they are broken so I would need the whole kit new. Does anyone know where to find them? It should be like the one in the link I need but it does not seem to be in stock on cj pony parts. https://www.cjponyparts.com/motor-mount-kit-mustang-429-460-1971-1973/p/MMK5
  3. Hello I have a mach 1 from - 72 that has a 460 under the hood and now I need new engine mounts for it but I have big problems finding mounts that fit. Does anyone know where I can buy mounts that fit? With kind regards Johan from Sweden
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