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  1. I’m in Comstock Park, just north of GR.
  2. I’ll look, but I think it’s had a new saddle & right apron put on after being crashed.
  3. I’m trying to find out what options can be confirmed by the vin and/or door sticker so I can validate the information on the Marti report when received.
  4. I’m I missing something? You said “the Mach 1 option which was actually an appearance package. You have to buy options to get performance.” when I asked if “Rear swaybar and staggered shocks (did they come with the Mach I package or were they a add on options?)” Then I found this response in another thread “Should have staggered shocks as part of the Mach I package and NASA hood without locks with the Q code option”
  5. I will, but I don’t believe that Marti reports live up to all the hype.
  6. Don & Mike, thanks for the warm welcome. Although I share your enthusiasm for pictures I’m hesitant about posting them due to a incident last year on a Facebook group. So please be patient with me. GT
  7. David thanks for the cheerful welcome, My car has a sorted past (crashed, parted out and a half hearted rebuild) My questions are about the options it now has, did it come from Ford with them or just transferred from a donor car. I’ll start with what I know, with a vin search I found this information (see pictures), this information looks correct to the car. My questions are about the following options Rear trunk spoiler (deck lid has been painted inside and out so not original to car) Air conditioning (shortly after buying the car I ran into a guy that said someone had him install the AC dash) Ram Air hood and components Rear swaybar and staggered shocks (did they come with the Mach I package or were they a add on options?) GT
  8. Hello everyone, I have a 72 Q code Mach I that I’ve owned since the early 90’s and would like to clarify some of the options it has. Looking forward to discussing Mustang’s with everyone. Thanks GT
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