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  1. Where can I view the available shirts? Using a phone to browse the site sucks, especially when you’re old.
  2. Nice job. Do you want another one to perfect your process? Lol
  3. This is an ad I saw today on the California Inland Empire Craigslist. Here is the text: “Ford 351 engine pulled fron a 1971 mustang, not sure of originality but ran when pulled, complete oil pan to intake, partially disassembled to inspect. $200 obo. Have cherry picker to lift in to your vehicle.”
  4. First, did the parking brake work before the rear brakes were replaced? Did you do the work or a shop? You can adjust the parking brake by following the service manual directions. The basic directions are, jack up the rear axle, block the front wheel, put it in neutral, lose the locknut on the parking brake adjusted (When you crawl under the vehicle, you’ll see it under where the parking brake pedal is), then tighten the adjusting nut until turning the rear tires, you can hear the shoes rubbing the drums and the brakes are engaging, then back it off until they are free. Then tighten the locknut, lower the vehicle, and test the parking brake. Before I did this, though, I would make sure the new brakes are adjusted corrected for free play. If the shoes are too far away from the drum surface, that could be a reason the parking brake ceased to work, if it did before the change. If none of that works, the cable could be seized and need to be replaced.
  5. Welcome from Southern California and AZ
  6. It sounds like a fuel problem. While unrelated, I had an RV that did a very similar thing; it would pop and spit at startup because the mixture was so lean; it had a sticking float needle that was somewhat random. I figured it out my putting fuel through the air horn and it would run great for a while and then the same thing would happen.
  7. Looks great, someday I hope mine will be as nice!
  8. So, I’ve started the wire harness extraction from the donor 87 TBird. The first photo is day 2 of the process; trying to remove system components I know I’ll need to transplant, while allowing me to remove the harness without any cutting. This photo is day three, got the harness all the way to the firewall. Have all of the connectors to components labeled and my wire board is coming along too. I know it’s difficult to see, but those red labels are the principle components (coil, distributor, water temp sensor, etc) and in relation to the under hood arrangement, where those components go (the masking tape are the temporary labels unit I can add the fancy red ones). My plan is to lay the harness on this board and build the minimum system from it. Next step is extracting the computer, and gonna use the fuel pump relay and component elements from the TBird too. That will be a separate simple harness board.
  9. Now don, there is no “I” in No. What we need is a few D sized drawings to group the sections of the car on each. Or larger, like 24x36 poster paper. Putting all of them into one file would aid that. Does anyone have a color version I can start with?
  10. I believe if you look at your profile/account settings, there is a tab that shows you where you are on your badge journey. Beyond that, I’m not sure of the criteria either.
  11. So no one sells a one page, poster sized, color-coded wiring diagram?
  12. I did the download; would be great to have a color, one page, paper version.
  13. I’ve got the shop manuals; just need that color coded wiring guide.
  14. Not to deflect this question, but has anyone purchased this wiring and vacuum book?
  15. While browsing my Fords 1973 Car Shop Manual, I noticed that the Mustang/Cougar was omitted from the provided illustrated drawings of the dash wiring. Even the Pinto was provided. Anyone happen to have one? I have all of the schematics, but would like to see an illustrated view if available. TY
  16. Thanks Mike. I’m going to start with my wire harness jig board and if I get at any point uncomfortable, I’ll be sure to PM you. I’m also lucky to have a resource available to me to help me if I get stumped. One question I did have, beyond just purchasing a junk yard harness, does someone sell like 10’ sections of the typical color coded wiring for Fords? While I don’t anticipate any lengthing issues, it would be nice to have it in hand if that proved to be an issue. I believe one of the values is using this particular vehicle for the swap is the relative size of the vehicles; very close in the dimensions where it counts. I’ll be sure to fully document this process in the build chain so others can avoid anything I do that doesn’t work. While I don’t want to learn the hard way, for some of us, that’s the way we really learn.
  17. I’m taking a 1987 TBird 5l Speed Density engine and transplanting it into my 73. Am building a wiring board out of peg board to pull the TBird harness on to separate the necessary wiring/systems to use in the transplant. I also want to use the wiring back to the trunk for the relay driven fuel pump and safety switch. Since the cards are about the same size, I hope that helps to made the donor wiring sufficient for the transplant. I've purchased a wiring diagram and routing diagram for the donor car and have the same for the 73. I’m not an above average wiring or electrical person, but I am patient and willing to stop and ask questions, no mater how moronic they may sound, so it’s done right. Thanks for the advice so far.
  18. I didn’t see one for the 73 on your eBay site.
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