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  1. Everyone, thanks for the information. After a few fuses I had in stock, all bad bought some and had power. Also new LEDs and a headlight switch and buffed the bezel. Looks great.
  2. The bulbs i see are color coded sets of 16 thinking 2 are for the clock. One set 2x brighter than the originals the others are 5x. What did you guy's get and how did they look? I will also get the switch just in case it's that also. Either way I was going to pull the assembly to look at the bulbs. Nice catch on the Alt bulb. Learned about the orientation on the bulbs on a fairly current vehicle. Looking at the condition of the car I'm thinking the circuit panel trace should still be good.
  3. Will pick up a switch at NPD with other items. Good thing they are fairly local. Thanks.
  4. Hi Don, when I put on the lights all I get is the shift indicator light. No other inter panel lights. Thanks, if you can think of anything else other than pulling the panel and checking the bulbs will appreciate it.
  5. Hi, I picked up a 73 convertible and going through it the dash panel lights, clock, do not work. Checked the fuses and good but number 3 fuse has no power to it. Any suggestions before I pull the block to see if there's an issue with the connections It would be greatly appreciated. fuse is the 4 Amp small one. Also noticed that spot 7 the accessory terminal was not there.
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