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  1. Lots happening, dual exhaust is hung, needs adjustment and muffler hangers. The welder/body guy finally finished his other projects and started mine. Today was review the project and start on lower door pillar. He is taking out one section at a time, building back to existing. So far he only did the curved part at the bottom of the door pillar, about50% of the cracked metal and the door pillar and quarter are solid again. I am very happy with day one, he returns Friday. One before pic, 2 after, he’s continuing backwards toward the quarter next.
  2. Hello, how are the door latch pillars( front edge of quarter panel)? Mine are rusted at base, especially looking for passenger side.
  3. Yes they are associated with Mac’s, possibly parent company? All of a sudden, I too am being hammered with at least one email a day from Ecklers, I did not sign up. I assume Macs shared/sold my name since I did request a Macs catalog but have never purchased from them. I like choices, I hate being hammered daily by a company I don’t do business with.
  4. Hahahahaha…the English language is so much fun! And it’s my first Language! I bought a new primary wire, not a new wire nut. LOL. You got me! and I will fix that wire by soldering and heat shrinking each wire, then the pair as a set. It’s the convertible power line and was spliced under scuff plate. The entire rear harness was spliced there too, with crimp connectors that pulled apart with little force. Interestingly, the plugs and bundles could not be slid out as routed, so I had to pull them apart. (Car is about to get s some serious welding, followed by new wiring.) this is the 71 car with 73 wiring spliced in after a fire we discussed a few months back.
  5. Hahahaha, when I bought the car the Distributor Primary wire was spliced together with a wire nut. I bought a new one for something like $7. There’s all sorts of craziness under the dash…..
  6. When you buy a 50 year old car ….. Power top wiring, this was under 3 ft of electrical tape wrap. I can fix it easy enough but wow.
  7. FYI, I reached out, they said they don’t sell Mustang kits to NPD…
  8. I got it in today, not a great fit…it’s almost against driveshaft, and I didn’t get a great seal on one side, the flange is the wrong angle, but I think it’s good enough…
  9. The Exhaust came as a kit from NPD, it’s too wide by 1/4 inch and I destroyed an exhaust donut trying to install, will try to bend it into compliance tomorrow with a tie down ratchet strap….it’s killing me! It’s pressing on the outside of the manifold….
  10. Finally got some time to work on the Mustang…got a bunch of basics done: Heat resistant Carb gasket, new studs. New metal fuel lines and filter to replace rubber and plastic new rubber line frame to fuel pump raised Coil to clear new fuel filter. new Power steering belt adjusted transmission Bands and replaced lock nuts stripped single exhaust started Dual exhaust install, it’s killing me… pulled driveshaft and installed new output shaft seal. and found loose ujoint clamp fixed it, and low fluid in rear differential, filled it up…
  11. This is a great write up, I have leak in the same spot and was wondering how to get to it. When you removed the frame section does the front end stay together solid? And how many hours did that repair take? I have to pay someone!
  12. The problem is the side upper frame is welded over the cowl cover….
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