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  1. FYI, I repaired mine by roughing up the back side, and applying epoxy with layers of fiberglass, seemed to hold great, and the repair is very thin…
  2. Haven’t updated much lately, work and commitments are slowing me down…been concentrating on trunk and front frame and engine bay…. I have all the rust out of the trunk., did some minor fiberglass in the bottom of the rear quarters. It’s a driver, it will be OK. Also primed the trunk floor and wheel tubs, etc, then painted with smoke gray rustoleum….I am going to spray a spatter texture over that….I think a light gray will help reflect a little light and help out with seeing things… on the front, I have been cleaning up surface rust and painting. Most of it is getting satin black rustoleum…the lower frame parts as well as new yet to be installed suspension will get Mastercoat chassis paint. After thanksgiving the cooling system gets flushed, radiator pulled, hoses and thermostat replaced and while it’s out I will refinish more of the engine bay, then it’s front suspension and more engine bay refinish…once that’s done, rewire the car….
  3. I think I pulled mine front to back, because the back has the least bends, the struggled to get the front part against the firewall and bent over to the master cylinder area…it helps to have less things on car, like exhaust or driveshaft…
  4. I did mine, on jackstands on fully assembled car, and yeah take lots of pictures of layers on firewall, that area to brake proportion valve is a PIA.
  5. I think yes, speedometer on drivers, possibly brake hard line and emissions lines on passenger. There was also neutral safety switch wiring running that way…
  6. Just a stock 6 cylinder 3 sped manual here…nothing to see. LOL Very nice! I had a 2015 GT, that’s a great motor!
  7. Haha! I sold a 2015 Mustang GT for about 31k, so that’s my budget on this car…..very roughly it breaks down to car 10k, parts, repairs, upgrades 10k, paint 10k. There room to wiggle in every category, and so far I am on target….my last major purchase needed is AC and it’s optional, most everything else is sitting in my basement or closet awaiting install. At that point it might be a 22-26k car, I would be lucky to ever break even….but won’t be selling and that’s not important.
  8. These will be cleaned up a little more, and sprayed blue for final install…
  9. Been working on the front end, surface rust and repaint… Also rehabbing my APillars, one was missing the tip, and both had cracks.
  10. Which of these is 71/72? Which is 73?
  11. Made wiper gaskets, reinstalled wiper Motor-and cowl arms. painting wiper rests, bumper brackets and other front end parts…
  12. Yeah tracing doesn’t work flipping it because I the M is close to the door on one side and close to the door on the other. Templates are hard because of the same..M as starting point on one side and G on the other. This doesn’t give me hole location under the emblem…I can get it close….
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