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  1. I have cleaned up and done a lot of rust treatment, more work to come..lt is insane, about 4 pieces of metal on each side…
  2. Well here’s what I have after gently cutting bits away with dremmel cutoff wheels, it’s all solid and welded or brazed together. Going to try to kill of the rest of the surface rust, encapsulate it and smooth it out a bit…
  3. The metal circled in red is solid, there is just a layer of old rusted metal laying over some of it, marked with green which I am going to trim out. The exterior is of course bondo, 25 years old and solid as a rock…. my goal is to preserve the crappy patches and somehow finish it a little nicer, and do the minor filler repairs needed on the exterior, and seal it all up so it stays stable….
  4. Yeah, but here’s the problem, I already spent almost $4000 on other metal work and welding, my budget will not allow more $ on metalwork. the other problem is there’s a lot of patch work on the car, 90% of it is solid after 25 years. The wheel wells have inner liners added, and are solid, but there is small amounts of filler in various places. In other words, the original wheel wells are there but had some rust so somebody in the 90’s welded in another layer, it’s solid, sealed and rust proofed. to do a partial quarter on this car will require ripping out wheel tubs, trunk drop panels, convertible supports, it will be another $5000. the car is a generic 302 convertible, it doesn’t justify 10k+ in metal work. the metal patches that are in place in the quarter are fairly solid, just light surface rust, I am going to cut away the rusty original metal they left behind, and be left with that patchwork. so my question remains, without welding in new metal, what’s the best repair solution?
  5. So give me some input, what’s the best way to fix this without replacing the quarter? My budgets not going to tolerate more metal work on the car. My thoughts are to wire wheel it to death, and then do one of the following. Coat it with master coat rust encapsulator, or use master coat metal prep phosphoric Acid on it but I don’t want that to soak into the surrounding Bondo, seam seal and fiberglass it. A lot of the metal thats Swiss cheese style has good metal underneath it so I will probably cut that out and remove that layer. Do any of these seem like reasonable repairs or what better solutions are out there?
  6. Not forged as far as I know, way to cheap! About $140 per rim? Special ordered them with the tires from Tire Rack, they beat every other price. American Racing VN 501 I think.
  7. Painted cowl with rustoleum satin black, it’s still wet. Changed points, did timing, AF idle mixture, and idle speed….put on the nice wheels and tires, and hooked power to top back up….
  8. Is this your wedding ring on the fender?
  9. Finished self leveling seam sealer in the cowl and other areas. Sprayed part of trunk with primer after rust repair, then tested spatter spray around gas tank and filler, and reinstalled gas tank! The car is alive again! Also final adjustment and hangers on exhaust…
  10. It’s back together, needs some seam sealer, paint and rubberized coating….I am excited! It passed the initial leak test, more to come after final sealing….
  11. I have the inside new metal sprayed with black rustoleum.
  12. Also found the serial number on the engine, it matches the VIN.
  13. Cowl mostly back together after repair, the blue is Eastwood self leveling seal sealer, and some painters tape to stop the flow. Monday the end cap goes on the cowl, followed by the frame member. I have more sealing to do after final welding, then the car is driveable again!
  14. I have a repro one here near Atlanta, Ga, might cost a ton to ship it. It’s the back half of a full quarter I cut up… you might be better off buying the part from NPD and you might need an additional part….mine is convertible part, might not fit…. https://www.npdlink.com/product/quarter-repair-panel-lower-rear-lh/147443/209616?year=1971 depending on how far you have to cut you might need this, not sure if it’s part of the repair part above: https://www.npdlink.com/product/extension-quarter-panel-lh-lower/202912/203181?year=1971
  15. Getting ready for cowl repair completion, and prepping frame for chassis paint.
  16. Want to buy this small plastic shield that fits next to front fender extensions on 71-73 Mustang. The part number is for right side, ford d1zb-16d206-aa, I need LH, and don’t know the part number. looks like mirror of this, one Phillips screw is all that holds it on….got one to sell or know who sells them?
  17. 20 holes filled, doing trim delete, also filled the 73 under the bumper holes..l.
  18. New bumper supports mounted on metal plates to cover some minor rust perforation…
  19. And got some springs for front end rebuild…
  20. So lots of moving parts, cowl cut open today and inner cowl cleaned up. The good news is it was repaired previously, the bad news Is it was a poor repair. It was repaired from underneath, and the metal patch did not reach the firewall or drivers footwell framing. Basically there was a half inch gap all around, stuffed with filler. My body guy is going to weld in a continuous patch that goes over the firewall and outer structure. Then I will lather it up with seam sealer and it will get a bunch of rustproofing…I thing success is near. also prepped trunk for some minor repairs, a minor wheel well patch was welded in. dropped gas tank and plugged lines so welding around trunk floor and tail can be done safely.. all in all a great day…
  21. What a mess, it’s going to be worse another layer down…several layers of added metal already there and rusted…
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