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  1. I have a repro one here near Atlanta, Ga, might cost a ton to ship it.  It’s the back half of a full quarter I cut up… you might be better off buying the part from NPD and you might need an additional part….mine is convertible part, might not fit….


    depending on how far you have to cut you might need this, not sure if it’s part of the repair part above:



  2. So lots of moving parts, cowl cut open today and inner cowl cleaned up.  The good news is it was repaired previously, the bad news Is it was a poor repair. It was repaired from underneath, and the metal patch did not reach the firewall or drivers footwell framing. Basically there was a half inch gap all around, stuffed with filler.  My body guy is going to weld in a continuous patch that goes over the firewall and outer structure. Then I will lather it up with seam sealer and it will get a bunch of rustproofing…I thing success is near.

    also prepped trunk for some minor repairs, a minor wheel well patch was welded in.

    dropped gas tank and plugged lines so welding around trunk floor and tail can be done safely.. all in all a great day…




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