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  1. Here’s better pictures, compare to a few posts above to see this area painted. In short, under the filler is thin metal, cracks, and brazing… I think this needs to be cut out, refabricated and strengthened….
  2. So I finally dove into the door pillar with a grinder…I guess it’s what I expected. I have been talking to a welder about working on the body, he finally gave me an estimate, now I think I have something we can talk about and work out a plan. Here’s a single pic of the area I hit with grinder, sort of looks like an abstract art piece, not a car….. more pics below.
  3. Coming soon to my 302 convertible, dual exhaust! But first, more shift and interlock linkage adjustment, rear C4 seal, adjust replace transmission band bolts, a little more degreasing, and a few hard brake line clips I left off due to access problems…STILL waiting on welder guy to give me an estimate! He saw the car 2 weeks ago!
  4. I am replacing standard door panels with Deluxe panels. Basically I got a pile of parts. There is a silver metal line that separates the lower carpet from the upper vinyl. My silver trim had no attachment clips, how do I attach it? Normal door clips? APC manufactured it, but have been silent when reaching out to tech support. thanks!
  5. Things are moving slowwwwww….I have been stripping the trunk to get rid of small surface rust. I have a few small holes near the bumper support mounts, so my body guy will add them to the list….the trunk work is general prep for what’s to come. My biggest problem is the door pillars need repair at the base. One side is cracked at rocker and quarter panel joint, so that whole area needs rework. I know a welder that says he’s done auto body, he did an excellent job on my boat trailer…. Part of the pillar repair will be cutting out lower quarter panels and probably the wheel well lip and putting on a lower quarter skin…cutting out the quarter will expose the base of the pillars so they can be repaired….
  6. Thanks David, I already spoke to them on the phone and sent pictures. The bottom line is they won’t touch it. like you said, they only replace panels. I need fabrication work because door latch pillars are not available in aftermarket so replacement metal would have to be hand made. They also said unless I stripped everything single thing off the car and let them media blast the entire shell, they would not consider it. The car does not need that level of destruction, nor am I interested in dumping that much $ in a not rare fun car… They might be good, but they made it clear they never wanted to see my car enter their shop.
  7. Not a lot happening, evaluating the metal work that needs to be done before I re wire the car….and stripping the trunk to get rid of surface rust, using rust converting coating… ….also spent time on my Chevy truck evaporative emissions parts, cleverly placed on top of gas tank, under bed, up against Cab for the ultimate in PIA to work on…jack the truck, loosen bed, , unplug wiring harnesses, remove one rear tire, lower to jack stand on axle, jack bed, secure bed in place with 6x6’s or 8x8’s, jack truck again, jack stands, proceed to wiggle all the wires, check all connections, reverse the process. And hope you pass your emissions test after resets…truck does it every year, a week or two before renewal paperwork arrives.
  8. Just to add, many reproduction parts are available, such as carpet, door and dash panels, new seat foam and covers….depending on budget, you could refresh a lot of those parts…I am doing a convertible interior and spending in the range of $2500-$3500 to refresh just about everything…
  9. Ok thanks! I have a 71. Or I think I do….LOL I guess the rear tail light panel was replaced…. This car is a complete mystery, half 73, half 71. The story is the guys 71 got burned in a fire, and a bunch of 73 parts were melded on the front half. This is really making me wonder if somehow the dash plate and VIN didn’t just get tossed in a 73 and the guy called it a day….I am going to have to dig for other vins under the fenders, and check the block…it looks like 71 engine and emissions and such…but…ya never know I guess….it’s definitely 73 seats, dash, wiring harness…
  10. Am I missing some important part? 71 convertible tail light panel, I have 6 open holes behind bumper going into trunk, what goes there?
  11. Looking great! Can you do me a favor, if door pillars are still wide open, can you take and share a bunch of inside and outside pics of pillars, and where they meet quarters and rockers? I am about to embark on rebuilding mine, they are rusted at the base….mostly I need from the door latch down….thanks!
  12. Added a timing pointer, and rebuilt the pump for the top…
  13. Good news, alternator wiring complete, alternator works, battery charging, lights brighter, engine running a little better…. I burst a seal on the convertible top pump so it’s next. I did a lot of work to the IP and it’s still very dim, but has a little more functionality, maybe the headlight switch and wiring upgrade will get me a lit up IP…. Still need a good welder in metro Atlanta if you know anyone, I want to do radiator support and door pillars before dropping in new wiring.
  14. Thanks for that! I probably have the wrong hardware then! what’s the cutoff for early and late, my car is 71 built in 12/70, but has one 73 door!
  15. If I am switching my inner door hardware from standard to deluxe, do I need different hardware mechanisms? I already have the panels, the chrome handles, the pull handles, fillers, all the trim….Are there any underlying support parts that are different? thanks!
  16. RIBS

    Car Name

    Going to on officially name mine “Marilyn” after the sweet 82 year old lady I met in Miami who was selling another 71 Grabber Blue convertible(351) Sadly I could not buy hers, it was a complete rust bucket and twisted from a rear end accident. But I did have a great adventure and this car will always be attached to that memory.
  17. Started alternator install, I need a 3 way plug to complete.
  18. Bought a new coil, one wire alternator…coil is on, car runs better, alternator this weekend….stay tuned…
  19. Interesting turn of events, I bought them at NPD, they advertised them as Scott Drake. Scott Drake finally contacted me, says they don’t make these, and NPD will call me to explain what happened and help me out. That was weeks ago, no call from NPD. They did however go to the item on the website and took off the Scott Drake name, and now it has no manufacturer ID, and I still have leaky lines and o rings that don’t seem to fit anywhere.
  20. I don have great pics, the plenum under grates is all painted with a black layer, there is one round opening on the passenger side I can look down and see an evaporator or heater core. The drivers side was burned in a fire and has some heat damage and rust corrosion from that. The blue paint has a layer of orange adhesive and some reflective foil stuck in it… I have not got the car wet yet, if the plenum gets water in it, where does it drain? and these colors are over saturated, it’s not that brilliantly colored! this won’t be a show car, it will be a rain avoiding garage kept car that’s driven lightly and rarely washed….bu I don’t want water under the carpet!
  21. The car was redone in the 90’s, then stored for 25 years, I want some other owners to look at it and see if it’s done correctly…
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