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  1. I looked at this one before I bought the one I currently have. I agree in this pic that the red looks orange. I mentioned the same thing to the owner. He sent me a dozen or so pictures of the car in the sunlight. It is absolutely beautiful.
  2. Born into it too. My grandfather was a graduate of the Henry Ford Trade School when Henry Ford was teaching it. I have owned one non-Ford car in 35 years. Please let your Mom know these are in the lobby of the WHQ right now:
  3. Kind of like falling in love. Can't explain why "this one" over any other. Just something about this Mach 1 that I'm in love with... Besides, 40 year-old cars were designed so that we can work on 'em. Unlike today's...
  4. Turtle, I picked up a 220v 16 amp electric with a blower last Fall. Like you, I have very limited space. My garage is stand-alone. Has electricity (20 amp service) but not gas. Have not hooked it up yet but will soon. Got the idea of electric from my local motorcycle shop. Works very well. - David
  5. I picked up a set of shop manuals on eBay. It was missing Volume 2 - Engine. Called Osborn Reproductions and they had one. http://www.osborn-reproduction.com/ Great people and it completed my set of shop manuals. Good luck. - David
  6. Big Block, Welcome aboard from Michigan! Great folks here. Any pics you could share??? - David
  7. Oz, Couldn't see any pics either. My curiosity is way up. Hope you will try again! - David
  8. Many compliments...Thank you all - glad to be here! A few replies: Don65: 1st thing I did was put my pin in the map - thanks for the suggestion. I plan to restore, but not strictly to original. It will not be a daily driver. I do intend to show it a few times. It is currently registered for the Onsted Kiwanis Car Show on July 14th, 2012. It will be held on the infield of the Michigan International Speedway. At the end of the day, I get to take it for 1 or 2 laps around the track! http://www.onstedcarshow.com/ Droptop, please consider coming as well. Would like to meet you there. VaMach1: That is great - thank you. Yours is absolutely beautiful. You are right, they are twins, but you easily get the nod for better condition. The black on my hood does not finish where it's supposed to. Not sure why. One of my short-term items to work on. 72Mike: The undercarriage tells a different story. Nothing structural, but it is going to take a lot of clean-up. Eastwood is gonna love me by spring... Winter projects currently include engine detailing, Master Cylinder/Brake Booster, Frt/Rr Brakes and then re-finishing the driveshaft, leaf springs and rear end. Then I have to get serious about this... Will post more pics soon. I know so little about restoration so am going very slow to start. To RocketFoot, Detector, Whitesoc, C9ZX, Ole Pony, Nance and 71_Bad: Thank you very much! - David
  9. I sure would be interested in any feedback about my Mach 1 from the members here.
  10. Hello all, Just signed on as a member. In September, 2011 I purchased a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 in Pennsylvania. Runs and operates just fine. No abuse but lots of neglect. Plan to restore and drive it as well. Looking to learn as much as I can about this Mach 1: Any and all thoughts are welcome. - David Trenton, Mi.
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