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  1. Thanks for the tips, everyone. When I replace the z bar and all of the bushings, I assume I need to readjust the clutch linkage. Is there a write-up on doing so?
  2. New Z bar on order. Will send pics when installed.
  3. I haven't addresses this yet, but was thinking maybe a small magnet as well. Something will work . . . :)
  4. Ashtray is in place. Nylon rails are in place. When I get a few minutes I'll take it all apart and see what's up. Will report back . . .
  5. My center armrest console ashtray slides open when driving. Any creative solutions to stop this?
  6. Thanks for the link. That's a lot $ for a pretty simple piece, but it may be the way to go. I'll report back on which direction I go.
  7. Adding one more photo to show the elongated hole.
  8. The wear you describe is exactly what I'm seeing. Ok, sound like a Winter replacement, thanks for the info!
  9. Thanks! Can I not remove just that rod/bushing from the z bar without removing z bar/anything else?
  10. Looking for 73 Vert rear interior quarter panels in good shape.
  11. Hi! I need to remove the clutch rod from the z bar to replace the bushing, but I don't see how to remove it. Thoughts? And is the bushing available?
  12. Put the car in reverse and try again.
  13. Did this today, successfully! Used the parts above, but bought class 8 bolts at local hardware store. Rid of the flex fan, and on with a clutch fan! Heck of a time getting the clutch bolts on the water pump. Doable, but real tight. My arms are scraped. Would be so much easier with radiator out.
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