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  1. Thank you very much ! This is the first time I see the straight leg of this T-piece connected. I would like to replicate this on my carb. Can you please let me know where the tubing with the yellow arrow connects ? Thanks again, Robert
  2. Hi Don, thank you for your answer. The choke-pulloff and the vacuum actuator on the snorkel need to connect to straight manifold vacuum. That port with the plastic T-piece is open to atmosphere. I have been searching for this info for a long time and found only vacuum hose routing diagrams like the attached. The T-piece and the related tubing is missing. I actually have a Pantera. Nobody could help me yet so I thought it would a good idea to contact the 71-73 Mustang specialists. Not sure if you still like me to upload pictures.. Thanks, Robert
  3. Hello, I still have a Motorcraft 4300D on my 351 and would like to have all the hose routing and related connections as original as possible. There is a plastic T-piece on the rear side. On the 90° connection the tube for the hot-air-choke is connected (points with yellow spots on the photo need to be connected with each other). Clean air is taken from the inside of the air cleaner, heated up within the intake manifold and drawn into the hot-air-choke housing. Does anybody know where to connect the straight leg of the T-piece (red arrow). If not, can you please refer me to a source who could tell this? Thank you very much for your feedback in advance, Robert
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