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  1. The original incandescent headlights drew about 50 watts (4.2 amps) on high beam, halogens draw 60, or more, watts (5 amps). This is an increase of 12% current draw across the switch contacts. Some high power LEDs also say they draw 60 watts. The LED headlight bulbs from SuperBright LEDs draw 2.5, or less, amps.
  2. That is a single post junction block/terminal that was used on cars with gauges BLOCK ASSY JUNCTION CORRECT STYLE REPRO - #14448-1A - National Parts Depot (npdlink.com)
  3. 94 and 1004 bulbs have the same base type (Ba15d). The 94 bulb is available here: Ba15d Base Bulbs, DOUBLE CONTACT (DC) BAYONET (BA15D) BASE LIGHT BULBS, DC BASE BULBS, BA15D, BA15D BASE, DC BASE BULBS, IEC # 7004-11 A, DIN # 49720. (bulbtown.com)
  4. Because you have the original Ford carburetor, and because the heating element in the choke is designed for the lower voltage of the stator output, I would connect it to the stator terminal.
  5. That's the throttle position solenoid, also called the anti-diesel solenoid. The automatic choke is on the other side of the carburetor. The reason Ford connected the automatic choke to the stator terminal on the alternator is because the only time you get voltage to the choke is when the engine is running. The red/yellow hash wire is a key on wire and provides 12 volts when the key is in the run position.
  6. I'm also guessing that the reason the door won't open is that the body has sagged enough that the door is the only thing keeping the rocker off the ground, notice how there weren't any driver side pictures?
  7. With everything else that is wrong with it I'm guessing it's a bent or broken axle and/or housing.
  8. West Coast Classic Cougars has a video on refurbishing them.
  9. Did your car come with gauges? The ammeter has nothing in common with the other 3 gauges, which are powered by the instrument voltage regulator. The panel lights may be burned out, improperly installed, or have bad sockets. The tachometer likely isn't connected correctly. Red wire to switched 12 volts, black wire to ground, green wire to negative pole (that connects to distributor) of coil. Make sure you are getting 12 volts to the red wire when ignition switch is on, nothing when switch is off.
  10. That's correct, the two wire connector, one for illumination (light blue/red) and the other (white/purple) for power to the radio, grounded through the bracket/radio chassis.
  11. Two different issues, one is setting stationary glass that uses weather-stripping that fits around both the glass and the pinch weld and the other is setting a windshield that does not use gaskets/weather-stripping. Use only urethane for setting stationary glass that does not use a gasket/weather-strip, it is all that holds the glass in place. Use butyl in conjunction with the gasket/weather-strip for water proofing the gasket/weather-stripping, the gasket/weather-stripping holds the glass in place, not an adhesive. It's possible to set our rear windows in urethane, just like th
  12. You probably have some earphones or headphones, connect a jumper from the black/white hash wire to the longest part of the jack, and the white/light green or orange/light green wire to the end terminal on the jack, if the radio works you should be able to hear static in the left earphone. If you hear static stick a piece of wire, about 18" long into the antenna jack socket and see if you can tune in an AM station.
  13. 3rd post down on second page, shows the reverse on the GATs An interesting and informative video from Eaton Detroit Springs - Suspension, Handling, Brakes, Wheels and Tires - 7173Mustangs.com
  14. The white with purple stripe wire is the switched 12 volt power wire, the light blue with red stripe wire is for illumination.
  15. Stop buying springs that are for multiple years, body styles, and engines. Go to the Eaton Detroit Springs website and buy springs specifically for your car, you'll also have the options of various spring rates, and they have a lot of information and videos on their website EATON Detroit Spring - The leading manufacturer of leaf and coil springs for the street rod and restoration industries
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