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  1. I like going fast as much as any, and more than most, and like the power (torque) of a big block. However, I also like a car to handle well. Even with an M code the tail end of these cars is light, would be even more so with a 460. You can take the cost of converting to a 460 and build a 408 stroker that will rival the power of a 460 with stock heads, and still handle curves fairly well. That said, if you're going to build up the 460 with Kaase heads, I'd like to go for a ride with you when you're done.
  2. Thanks, Mike, they had one screw. I believe most of what's missing are things like pins and spacers. 2 screws and a washer, just missing one item now. As soon as I figure it out I'll repost.
  3. Yes, that part of the electrical should be good. The contacts are probably dirty or the armature isn't moving.
  4. I finally finished something I started some time ago, in response to recent posts and questions about what, where and how components of the steering column are. I wasn't able to find the description/sizes of some of the hardware, and if I can come up with them I'll add them later.
  5. Did you connect an ohm meter to the terminal on the horn and the ground? You should get around 3 ohms if the coil in the horn is still good.
  6. The modular motors, 4.6L and 5.4L, do not have the same bolt pattern as small block Fords and Clevelands. They are similar but only 3 bolt holes are the same. The starters are also different, and are mounted with 3 bolts instead of two. I believe they use a 164 tooth flywheel, but not 100% sure. Edit: It does look like that is a small block bellhousing, with 2 mounting holes for the starter, so you may have double scored.
  7. To continue my thoughts on why the difference in the couplers for fixed and tilt. I agree they could have put the same type of coupler on the fixed column as on the tilt. It would not be possible to have the weld-on upper coupler on the tilt column due to the way they are assembled and disassembled for repairs. Not putting the tilt style of upper coupler on the fixed column was just a matter of economics. A stamped steel upper coupler that can be welded to the steering shaft in a couple of minutes is much cheaper than a cast part that then has to be machined before it can be installed on the
  8. It may just be coincidental that the fuse blew when the headlights were on. There really isn't anything that the light on the lighter could do to pop the fuse. Have you tried plugging in the lighter when the headlights are on, to see if that blows the fuse? Have you disconnected the horns and pushed the horn button with the horns disconnected? To me the two most likely causes of the fuse popping are the horns shorted internally or the wiring in the steering column being pinched.
  9. I believe the difference is due to how the steering shaft is removed from the column. On the fixed column the upper half of the coupling is permanently attached (welded) to the steering shaft and when the shaft needs to be removed from the column it is pulled out of the bottom of the column tube. However, with the tilt column the tilt mechanism and steering shaft are removed together with the steering shaft pulled out of the top of the column tube, hence the removable upper casting for the coupler.
  10. You might try contacting this seller, I've bought from him and he has nice quality couplers. There's a good chance that this Double D will work with a Single D shaft, and it has the correct spline for the steering box input. I would ask him if it fits a Single D shaft. I would also verify that your steering shaft is 3/4" before ordering. NEW STEERING RAG JOINT,13/16"-36 X 3/4" DD,DOUBLE D,BOX COUPLING ,SHAFT COUPLER | eBay Edit: I'll take that back, I just looked at the Double D I bought from him and it WILL NOT work on a Single D shaft. I would still contact him, though, he might ha
  11. That confirms what I thought, I single D on the steering shaft. I believe I saw someplace where it is 3/4"
  12. It really shouldn't need to be spread out. Did you check the other end to see if it fit on the steering shaft? It may be the wrong coupler. The coupler for the manual box is 1/16" smaller with the same number of splines (36) and even if you spread it out it won't fit because the splines are spaced differently. That said, I would try to spread it out a little, to see if it fits.
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