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  1. Yes, circuit 181 (brown/orange stripe) is good for your new a.c., is fused at 30 amps.
  2. I don't believe the steering boxes on our cars are wider than the earlier ones. Even if they are, out engine bays are wider. Hedman has 351w headers that fit '71-73s: https://www.hedman.com/product-detail/88650
  3. The phase out of leaded gasoline didn't start until 1976, so it's likely you have unhardened seats.
  4. I wouldn't start replacing your wheels before verifying it is a wheel. It easy to check the lateral and radial runout. You may have a bent rear axle. If you do have runout on a rear wheel, swap it for one from the front that has already passed the test, to see if the runout goes away. Then verify by measuring the runout on the axle flange, this will require a dial indicator.
  5. Yes, good article. I agree, too, about getting a custom cam. I researched most of the available off-the-shelf cams and the only two that came close to what I want were one from Lunati and one from Howards. But, I'm not playing horseshoes, so will likely be one from Brent Lykins.
  6. To answer your question about phosphate, here is what I use, hopefully there is something comparable over there. It can be used on rusted or bare metal. https://www.amazon.com/Krud-Kutter-Remover-Inhibitor32-Bottle/dp/B0044UP9XU/ref=sr_1_1?crid=TW6PLY68XXKN&dchild=1&keywords=must+for+rust&qid=1606245996&sprefix=Must+fo%2Caps%2C458&sr=8-1 It's good to use after you sand off a section of paint, so you don't have to immediately prime it to prevent flash rust.
  7. Way back when, a co-worker's late 60s Bonneville was overheating in the summer, and he pulled the thermostat out thinking that would help. He would drain the antifreeze during the summer and fill it with water, thinking water cooled better. He asked me for some help on it. The tubes in the radiator didn't look bad, but didn't look like much flow through the radiator so I pulled the upper hose off the thermostat housing and had him start the engine. The water created a fountain maybe 6 inches high. After pulling the water pump and looking at the half size impeller blades I explained what was ha
  8. Permatex to the rescue https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/permatex-seal-lock-thread-compound-118-fl-oz-57535/11691348-p?c3ch=PLA&c3nid=11691348-P&adtype=&product_channel=Online&store_code=&gclid=459f35c7df291aa4d8286a7cf3dd4d2f&gclsrc=3p.ds&msclkid=459f35c7df291aa4d8286a7cf3dd4d2f&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=b_pla_all_sealants%2Fadhesives%2Fand%2Fcompounds_compounds_gen_gen_all_rmktg_aap_us_all&utm_term=4581046485369435&utm_content=Bing_PLA_Sealants Adhesives And Compounds_Compounds_Thread Compounds
  9. Good article, thanks for sharing. Geez, another guy that says the Clevelands have good low end power, what's the world coming to?
  10. A solid work bench, preferably with a metal surface. A decent sized vice, well anchored. You'll be able to do a lot with your basic tools. No matter how many you have you'll occasionally have to add a new one. As stated previously torque wrenches are a must for assembly. Dial or digital calipers, dial indicators, cylinder bore gauges, come in handy. A variety of pullers, for gears and pulleys. For suspension work you'll need tools to separate the various joints. Good jack stands. I have a hydraulic press, don't use it often, but it is invaluable at times. Drill press. Anvil. Snap ring pli
  11. A lot of rust often indicates someone used straight water for coolant. The rust in the coolant causes the impellers to erode at a faster rate. If you decide to replace the water pump check the timing cover plate for pitting and erosion.
  12. The mechanical fuel pump does have a check valve to prevent backflow to the tank. Because the float valve sets at the top of the fuel bowl fuel cannot run from the bowl back to the tank, unless the valve seat gasket is leaking or not tightened down on two barrel carburetors, then some could run back into the fuel line. However, if the check valve is leaking in the fuel pump the pump will not function very well. If your fuel is disappearing from the fuel bowl it is into the intake manifold or onto the intake manifold from a leaking component or porous casting.
  13. There's no clear cut answer as to when brake horsepower (gross) changed to SAE net horsepower ratings. California required all cars beginning with the 1972 model to use SAE net. Car manufactures complied for cars sold in California and during the 1972 model year all switched over to SAE net, not all necessarily at the same time. It behooved them to make the change as soon as possible due to the new EPA requirements, that way they could blame most of the apparent horsepower reduction on the new rating system and not so much on the actual power reduction of the engines. Hopefully someone has mor
  14. Although I tend to stay away from anything that starts with 'Pro', because most aren't, Proforged seems to be well rated, and seems to be available in Europe, although probably not for our cars.
  15. +1, if you don't want to crank it until the mechanical fuel pump fills the carburetor bowls install an electric fuel pump near the gas tank. Turn the key on, wait 10 or 15 seconds, crank it. Also solves any potential vapor lock problems in warmer climates.
  16. I agree that's the way the original is wired, but that leaves the possibility that the map light can be left on after the engine is off and the car is exited. I wired mine so that the map light can only be turned on when the key is in run or accessory, as well as when the dome light is on when the doors are open, and recommended that.
  17. Start with the basics, fan belt tight and all grounds are in place and functional (especially to the engine and regulator and fender apron), clean the connections on the voltage regulator, make sure the connections on the alternator are tight, check condition of crimped connections on the ends of the wires and cables.
  18. The map light bulb, as shown in the shop manual, is a 212, so that LED should work. Mine didn't come with a map light, so I made my own. You'll need to find two wires to operate your map light, one a key on run/accessory for the on side of the switch and the other from the dome light circuit so the map light comes on when a door is opened or the dome light is turned on. The dome light wire you need to look for is black with a light blue stripe. A good one for the key on run/accessory will be a white wire with purple stripe that powers the radio and a couple of other things, like bac
  19. I would make sure your speedometer is actually that far off. You have to remember, these cars aren't as quiet and smooth as modern cars and the noises and vibrations may give you a greater sensation of speed than what your actual speed is. The easiest way to check your actual speed is with GPS.
  20. I inserted this, from your example above, into the URL box https://live.staticflickr.com/768/22295681474_157552a2e7_z.jpg and got this Ha, Fabrice beat me
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