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  1. According to my information, a WDM-BV4 came from a '78-'79 Ford F150 Pickup, 2.75 :1 ratio, 9 inch non-locking, 28 spline axles. Oops, looks like Chuck beat me :)
  2. Good memory, now that you mention it, I do seem to recall them. But, I considered them in the same category as the tube of stuff that you squeezed into the battery to rejuvenate it and make it last for many years. On the other hand, though, I bought my first tool set (Indestro) from them, and I still use the ratchet, a few of the sockets, and most of the end wrenches, and that makes them over a half-century old, even still have the metal tool box.
  3. Thanks, but no thanks. I retired (well, semi-retired) from all of that a few years ago, presentations at conferences, in-house training, guest lectures at university, and so on. Takes an enormous amount of preparation that I just don't have the energy for. I'll help provide information, though.
  4. Interesting, I'm familiar with cathodic protection for various things, such as reinforcing in concrete, pipelines, water heaters, and as you said, saltwater vessels, but hadn't heard that it was available for aluminum radiators. Thank you for sharing, I'll update the article. Don
  5. Some people just can't understand that businesses don't pay for the tax increases, but that the consumer does. Most businesses work on a narrow profit margin and cannot afford to absorb an increase. The only businesses that have a huge profit margin are selling illegal substances, and don't pay any taxes, but once again we do through increased medical, law enforcement, and emergency responder costs. Damn, what a way to start out a Monday
  6. I've done it both ways, and when using air pressure it's critical to have the piston at TDC, and I crank the pressure regulator way down, doesn't take much air to hold the valves in place, and less likely to send the piston to the bottom. A 2" valve has a surface area of about 3 square inches, 5 psi puts 15 pounds of pressure on the valve.
  7. The spec for a 302-2V is 4.0 to 6.0 psi and a delivery rate of 1 pint (16 fl.oz.) in 20 seconds.
  8. It seems like everything I have bought lately makes me cringe. After I wired my workshop I had to run a guard strip of lumber in front of the Romex so that stuff couldn't lean against it (walls aren't finished). I thought I would just go get a sheet of 7/16" OSB and rip it into 4" widths, until I got to the hardware store, $36 dollars a sheet, was $16 a sheet two years ago. They had some rough cut 1"x4"x8' lumber that was cut from salvaged trees from the fires last summer for $3 each, so I went with them. The OSB is down to $15 dollars a sheet now, so hopefully other things will come down, also. They said the lumber prices were up because of all the people staying home working on DIY and honey-do projects (my opinion- BS, too many people not working to have been buying building materials). Harbor Freight prices have jumped higher than adding the tariff, to try to hide it they've been renaming tools. I've been looking at a new wire feed welder, my 30-year old one has been giving me trouble and parts are not available, Eastwood has better welders at a lower price than HF. I got higher lumen LED shop lights from Lowes that were considerably lower priced than HF, and they are much brighter than fluorescent would have been, just needed half as many as I would have with the fluorescent lights.
  9. Easy enough to find by searching the forum for 'hood light', and selecting "All of my search term words". Here's an example: Under the hood light - General Maintenance and Repair - 7173Mustangs.com
  10. Hemikiller told you in a previous what the caster should be. Alignment specs for our cars, with radial tires, have been discussed many times in the forum. Here is a recent example, you can find more by searching. Upper Control Arm Shims Required for a 73 Mach 1 Mustang? - Suspension, Handling, Brakes, Wheels and Tires - 7173Mustangs.com
  11. If your engine still has the umbrella style valve seals they are likely hard and brittle and may be failing. Check around the lower side of the heads and the oil drains for chunks of them. When they start coming apart they can plug the screen on the oil pump pickup. Replacing them with the heads on the engine is doable, but requires a valve spring compressor and a way to keep the cylinders pressurized to keep the valves closed while removing and reinstalling the seals and keepers. Also, if they are sludged up clean them as much as possible, pulling the oil drain plug and letting everything run out of the bottom is the easiest way. Visually check for any sign of broken valve springs or anything else that doesn't look right.
  12. For one of the emissions control solenoids located on the relay panel above the glove box.
  13. I agree, make sure you measure to make sure, you never know what P.O.s have done or mismatched. Measure both legs of the crosses, some are are what I call oblong, two different lengths. I would remove them and take them to the parts store, for comparison. And yes, a good quality like Spicer are a must.The NPD paper catalog is a good reference:
  14. I believe the main reason the '71 - '73 Mustangs are looked down on by some is the mis-perception that they are Clydesdales, bloated, etc. I would prepare some graphics showing what the actual sizes and weights evolution are from '65 to '73, and especially compare them to '69 and '70s and to modern day Mustangs. Some discussions of improvements, such as improved suspensions (no longer any need for the 1" Shelby drop), improved powertrain packages, and amenities may also help.
  15. The point gap depends on what distributor you have. The single vacuum advance distributor points should have a gap of 0.017", or a dwell of 26° to 31°. The point gap is measured when the rubbing block on the point contact arm is on the highest point of the distributor cam.
  16. The little bit of gas in the tank and carburetor may have turned into varnish. You'll need to start with the basics, get an in-line spark plug tester from Harbor Freight, make sure you're getting good spark. In-Line Spark Checker (harborfreight.com) Make sure the points open and close when the distributor rotates, check the gap. Take the fuel line off the carburetor and collect some fuel in a container, see what it looks and smells like and if there is water in it. Check the fuel pressure and quantity you're getting from the fuel pump.
  17. Here's what it takes to do it right. There's a lot of difference in the area behind the rear seat for fold down and not. Converting from regular to fold down rear seats - Interior, Seats, Door Panels, Trunk, Glass, etc - 7173Mustangs.com
  18. They definitely are not cheap: DSC Motorsports - Part Details If you don't want to go that route, my next choice would be a 4V Edelbrock Performer, only $425 from Summit.
  19. I would use the rust remover/encapsulator from Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Red Aerosol - Rust Preventive Paint - Rust Preventer - Eastwood
  20. I would say that it is not an improvement over the stock manifold, other than the cooling from the air gap, which may not overcome the smaller runners and port mismatch. You can use the "turkey pan" intake gasket to keep hot oil off the bottom of the manifold. IMO if you want to change manifolds the Blue Thunder 4V would be a better choice.
  21. That's a common problem, you can read more here: Carburetor recommendations, please! - 351C, 4BBL - Engine, Transmission, Drive Line, Etc - 7173Mustangs.com
  22. Up until sometime in the 60s or 70s all brass radiators were connected directly to the chassis. Electrolysis was not a problem. Chemical corrosion (sulphides and chlorides) are a problem when using tap water, as well as growth of sulphides plugging the tubes.
  23. This should give you an idea of what is involved, a little elaborate for a one time use, but not too bad. DIY Folding Engine Run Stand Build Plans for Ford, GM, and Mopar (roadkillcustoms.com) I've also heard of people cobbling something together from lumber, a little risky, but probably OK as long as you don't try revving it numerous times and twisting the engine out of the stand.
  24. No, kind of strange that Mustang wasn't included in the list, they all use the same style of alternator. Also strange they don't have a listing for the lower amp alternators. You can get a rebuilt 60 amp from Rock Auto More Information for ACDELCO 3342099 (rockauto.com)
  25. I prefer brass radiators, I also believe they cool better and last longer, due, in part, to potential electrolysis problems with an aluminum radiator. Aluminum Radiators and Electrolysis - Engine, Transmission, Drive Line, Etc - 7173Mustangs.com
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