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  1. Midlife is your man, he's a forum member, sponsor and advertiser. A link to his business is located under "Our Advertisers" at the bottom of this page.
  2. Posting a picture that doesn't show up???
  3. Or a bus coming towards you at 70 mph. One of the crashes we reviewed was a late '90s Mustang that had an estimated speed of over 100 mph when it met a tour bus. The Mustang driver hit the brakes enough to drop the nose, so most of the front went under the bus bumper, what was left of the upper portions of the two male occupants was implanted on the front of the bus. An impact speed of 170+ mph doesn't leave much that is recognizable.
  4. I suspect your carburetor has some plugged passages. One thing that will crack spark plugs is a lean mixture, causing excess heat in the cylinder, and probably some pre-detonation and backfiring. It has likely been getting worse over time and finally reached the point where the mixture is too lean for the engine to run.
  5. How often were you driving the car before the problem started? Had the car been setting for any length of time between drives? In hot weather it doesn't take long for the fuel to evaporate out of the carburetor, leaving varnish behind.
  6. The way I selected mine was by measuring the available space. Measure from the air cleaner stud on the carburetor to the closest point on the distributor, then double that measurement, that will give you the maximum diameter. Measure the distance from the air cleaner flange on the carburetor to the lowest point on the hood directly above the carburetor. That will give you the maximum height of the air cleaner, subtract 1/2" from that for the wing nut.
  7. As a semi-retired traffic engineer and a guy that likes to use the accelerator pedal to it's fullest capabilities I am always conflicted by the need for safety and the desire to go fast. I grew up in a state with no speed limits on the open highways and always enjoyed speed, until the days of the double nickel in the 70s. When I was an Assistant Chief Traffic Engineer of a state DOT we had monthly meetings with the highway patrol and quarterly meetings with state and local law enforcement and first responders trying to address safety issues and high crash locations. So, I saw the evidence
  8. The PCV valve inserts into the cap on the driver side valve cover, the breather hose inserts into the cap on the valve cover on the passenger side. The breather hose can connect to your air intake any place prior to the throttle body. This is just the way the stock configuration is, the hoses can be connected to either side, though. There are a variety of caps and rubber grommets available, one should fit your valve covers. The filter element on the catch can will still get oily from the fumes, then you'll have to come up with a way to clean or replace the filter element.
  9. The same applies to the Pertronix II distributor, works best with 12 volts. Bypass the resistor wire and use a 0.6 ohm primary resistance coil. An alternative is to use the Pertronix relay to provide 12 volts to the coil and distributor, using the resistor wire to trigger the relay.
  10. The best way is to have a functioning PCV system. That way you won't have an open breather. The oil fumes get sucked into the engine via the intake manifold, and fresh air is supplied to the crankcase by a tube connected to the air cleaner.
  11. If you have a heat gun I would warm it up some, and then try to get a thin bladed putty knife between the gasket and head, and try to move it along the perimeter a little. It likely won't take much, just need to get it started pulling loose in one place.
  12. Ford Motorsports used to sell shorty headers for them, but I don't believe they have them now. There's these on Amazon, seem to be well rated https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B01LYO3MEU/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01LYO3MEU&linkCode=am2&tag=youtubefixitn-20&linkId=95a949513007cd4569b6b24bce0041d0
  13. Although you pick up a little compression with the 289 heads they have smaller intake valves and more restrictive ports. 302 intake valves are 1.78" diameter and 289 intake valves are 1.68" diameter. Exhaust on both are 1.45" diameter. The best Ford produced heads that are somewhat available are the GT40P heads, a little better compression than the basic 302 heads and a little larger intake valves, plus better flowing. https://lmr.com/products/what-are-gt40-heads-mustang If it were me, I would go with the 600cfm Summit carburetor https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-m0860
  14. The 0.6 ohm coil is for full 12 volts, the 1.5 ohm coil is for use with a ballast (or wire) resistor.
  15. You likely had the wrong coil. There is one that is designed for full 12 volts and the other for the reduced voltage. Using the one designed for 12 volts on a reduced voltage (ballast resistor) circuit will result in a weak spark.
  16. I have a 750 cfm vacuum secondary Holley and have no problems with throttle response or driveability. Carburetor setup and timing are all that are needed. As to Holleys being a problem, after getting it dialed in it should be fine for months, if not years. Sticking one of those distributors on does not clean up the engine compartment. When GM started using them their distributors were in the rear of the engine, hidden by the air cleaner.
  17. Welcome from Oregon. Good luck on your 'cat' project
  18. Yeah, here's the latest in buffer technology, the buffer wheels on this should take care of all those wrinkles
  19. I've tried a couple of Accel products years ago, one was a coil 20+ years ago, had a weak spark. The other was their point conversion module, 15+/- years ago, the adapter brackets it came with were garbage, couldn't keep it adjusted right, even when it was working it didn't seem like the spark production was right, kept miss firing. So, I'm not surprised they're still having problems.
  20. Good advice from Hemi. As to the distributor, HEIs have to be big and ugly so there is room for the coil in them. Never could understand why people want the HEIs, DuraSpark, especially red grommet ones, have much better electronics.
  21. This is really getting off on a tangent, ever watch the movie Tucker and Dale vs Evil?
  22. You can get a Crane advance kit from Summit: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/crn-99607-1 The gasket is available from most auto parts stores https://www.autozone.com/ignition-tune-up-and-routine-maintenance/distributor-mounting-gasket/fel-pro-distributor-mounting-gasket-13069/67676_945729_11542
  23. I can stay logged in on three devices for days, I've never been logged out. Desktop, laptop, and tablet are all running Microsoft 10, I use Edge, IE, Firefox, and Chrome with no problems.
  24. The back and forth movement is controlled by the vacuum advance diaphragm.
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