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  1. Some of the Mopars of that era also came with Goodrich F78-14 SpaceSaver spares. It shouldn't be too hard to find a decent Mopar spare and put it on a Ford wheel.
  2. It mounts in dash to left of head light switch.
  3. With or without rim. For 1971 fastback. Date code not important. Need for show, will not use. Would prefer rubber that's not cracked.
  4. I repeat, what is the gap between the pinstripe and the lower blackout in the picture above? The 429 megasite does not identify. "It consisted of (from top to bottom), the pinstripe, then the space, then a 3/4" stripe." How wide is "the space"?
  5. What is the width of this gap between lower panel and stripe above? Nothing after Google search and 429megasite is not clear on this width.
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