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  1. Sorry, I don't know the clutch type. I'll start off by replacing the bushings and bar springs. Any parts kit recommendations?
  2. Thanks for everyone's input. I do probably need to rebuild the bar, new bushings and springs. I'll also add that "normally" the clutch pedal about an inch below the brake pedal, but, I can also "pop" it up about an inch above the brake pedal.
  3. My trim won't stay on. Is it a pressure only fit? It looks like there's rubber pieces rotted out.
  4. While exercising my vert today, I noticed at higher rpms that my clutch pedal was rising. Shifting was otherwise normal. Can anyone explain?
  5. Finally got back on the road after a 2 month (maybe longer, it's all a blur) hiatus. Had my son help me bleed my brake lines the old fashioned way, vacuum pump wouldn't do squat. Drove around a bit, still trying to get the trakloc broken in.
  6. Yes, PITA. It ain't pretty, but it's in there. I'll try to pretty it up after I confirm everything works and no leaks. Booster from LEEDS arrived today. It's a 9 in. Mine was an 11, I realized today. I got new master cylinder, but then find out I need adapters for the lines. Rubber hoses are due next week, maybe then I can get back on the road. And break in the trakloc.
  7. The next chapter in my ongoing brake saga... brake booster. Whilst I'm replacing brake lines and master cylinder, I decide to vacuum test my booster. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So, it appears that now I'm booster shopping as well. Any recommendations for a source?
  8. Another welcome from Texas! This is a great site, everyone is helpful.
  9. I just did mine. You scared me, as I've found a lot of stuff reversed. I see the cable to the rear.
  10. One of my first easy fixes... turn the rear spoiler around. Why do so many verts seem to be installed this way?
  11. Another welcome from an also recently acquired vert owner. I saw your post on Facebook and posted the Mecum link. My experience is similar to yours. I've been wanting another stang for years (decades). I thought I was buying something mostly "turnkey", and am now running into repairs that keep me off the road. Soon (I hope). Another kudos to the guys here on the forum. Everyone has been great, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Let's see some more pics!
  12. I need to replace my front to rear brake line. I don't have a lift, only a set of ramps and jack stands. What's the best to tackle the job? How & where should I feed the line through?
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