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  1. I did get two estimates today for a gear ratio change rebuild. Both quoted me $2k ~ $2.5k. A third call to a Mustang only shop was about the same, but he also told me that they used to buy complete third members but had consistently run into quality issues. They now send them out to a local shop for rebuilds. He gave me their name, I'll call them on Monday. But, it's sounding more like I'll be ordering online.
  2. I've oiled the cable a few times, still not returning fully. Has the spring just lost all of it's strength and needs to be replaced? Here's a video showing the travel, but at the pedal I'm physically pulling the pedal back up. Moose's parking brake cable spring
  3. Special tools that I don't have. So I'm looking at a local rebuild , or ordering a 3rd online. Thanks everyone for your input, I'll start the hunt for local rebuild prices and go from there.
  4. And did I also read that the pinion is a separate section? Would rebuilding it, bearings, seals (and not regear) be another less expensive option?
  5. Where should I look for a ready built 3rd? And the only thing that I'll need to identify on mine is the spline count, correct?
  6. Marti is great, but... it's a starting point. When I got my vert, I got practically zero history on the car. And as I dig into stuff, I occasionally find things that don't match. Expect the occasional unexpected, and ask lots of questions. I know I do.
  7. Thanks for the offer. I "think" mine may be working better now. I'll have to fill it and then run it empty after I get my diff issue resolved.
  8. Ok, so now comes more questions. I "think" I'd like to change from the current 3.50 back to the original (so says Marti) 3.25. Should I pull the 3rd and have it rebuilt? Or buy one already done? Or is there another option? I do not have a press and have never rebuilt an diff.
  9. Found a better pic. How much compression is that spring supposed to have on it? The more compressed, the less slack at the pedal, right?
  10. I still debating on whether to try to pull this myself. I don't have a lift, only floor jack, stands and a set of rhinoramps. Also would be doing this by myself. I've also had someone else tell me they think it looks like the joint not the pinion. If I did decide to pull the shaft and I needed to then reinstall, how difficult will it be to get it to line back up to the trans? I'm a little concerned about getting things lined back up. I also found some underneath pics from when I purchased, does anything look out of the ordinary?
  11. Welcome from the Woodlands TX! I've only been here for a short while, but the willingness and depth of knowledge of the people here are outstanding. Good luck on your build, and as they say, we like lots of pictures.
  12. Here's another thread that might help. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/35175-71-73-mustang-console-clock-restoration-question/?tab=comments#comment-360470
  13. Great, into the uncharted I go. I'll welcome all advice. The marti says it should be 3.25, but its 3.50. I don't know the spline count.
  14. OEM Clock Ford Clock instructions https://www.rccinnovations.com/Instructions/Clock.pdf
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