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  1. These are just bizarre.
  2. https://mexicanmustangregistry.com/ford-mustang-1972-gt-351-richard-valenzi/ Check out the rest of this site too. Lots of cool pics. The articles page https://mexicanmustangregistry.com/articulos-generales/
  3. So would the R12 manifold gauges work with the Duracool refrigerant? https://www.autozone.com/a-c-charging-and-refrigerant/a-c-manifold-gauge-set-and-components/p/santech-brass-r12-gauge-set/58654_0_0
  4. Well, since the system still has pressure and the compressor is engaging, I thought I'd at least try to add some R12 and see what happens. If I don't get any improvement, then I will consider changing over maybe later this fall. Thanks for the info. Autozone actually has a can tap and R12 manifold set available online. May have to look into that also.
  5. I saw the those videos, but they don't show the actual pulling of the shaft from the column. Is it all done from the interior or are there additional things to disconnect from under the car?
  6. So, I was able to get another working pancake motor. Just need to clean, lube, seal and install. I'll fix the other one later. I also got my new ram air seal installed. Also installed new windshield washers and hoses. New pawl pins for tilt steering have arrived, need to install. R12 is due to arrive today, will need to find a can tap and hose. Also pulled the LH ram motor, had a dislocated pop rivet. Oh, and got new tires last week. The other ones were a bit on the "aged" side.
  7. I'm in the groove baby. I missed seeing that post in my search. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement. I just didn't want to tear it apart at the joint. I'm assuming that the small amount of remaining buckling will relax in a bit. Thanks.
  9. I tried that but it didn't look right, buckling. I'll try it again in a bit.
  10. My tilt has some play that I believe to be the pawl pin(s) as shown in the WCC video. I've got the pins. Where can I find a howto or video on breaking down the column?
  11. So while my console is out. I thought I would see why my clock wasn't running. Not too dirty, no burning, no corrosion, so I cleaned up a bit and applied some light oil. It works!!! IF it's lying on it's face. Ran for 24hrs face down and then only 5 minutes after placing in a "normal" position. Hammer engaging every 50 seconds or so.
  12. So my new seal just came in. And that's where it ends. Either I got the wrong seal or my air cleaner is not correct. Old seal is outside of rim, new appears to be inside. Help?
  13. Yes, "persuasion" = "hammer till well beaten ".
  14. Never mind, just needed a little persuasion.
  15. How is this suppose to secure to the square hole? The tabs don't have any notch to hold it in.
  16. It's some kind of stop located at the front edge. Not sure what it's called or where to find replacement.
  17. Yeah, well mine isn't original. Best I can tell is it's from the '78 era.
  18. So, the originals look to be 4x8, not 4x6. I may change my mind, I found these on amazon https://www.amazon.com/RetroSound-R-483N-Stereo-Replacement-Speaker/dp/B00QXWHLH4/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=4x8%2Bspeakers&qid=1627614169&sr=8-1&th=1
  19. I just printed out a pdf copy of the speaker plate and at 100% scaling it looks spot on. I found some Sony 4x6 speakers at Walmart that I'll mount for now. Now if I can just figure out how to adjust the motor speed on my 8-track...
  20. I could use a couple cans of r12.
  21. I had the same issue of only blowing to the defroster. Turned out that the vacuum hose to the resivour was disconnected.
  22. So, it looks like I've got a couple of burned out spots on the armature probably due to the gearing being frozen up. Are the brushes large enough that it will still work or do I need to repair if possible?
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