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  1. haven’t had time to post or work on the car in a couple weeks .finally got the rear done . The old ladder bar bracket weld had completely failed also started polishing up these 30yr old draglites
  2. Today I started to tackle my battery issue when the car was tubbed in the 90s they put the trunk floor next to the tank super high because there is no support (og frame rails cut out) so I cut the passenger side trunk floor or out tacked together a battery support then tacked it in the car just to mock up a battery and see how it would look ….. if I plan to keep this location for the battery I will obviously finish weld that support solid . Knock some tin till I have a half decent trunk floor and weld it all back in pretty and paint it but let me know what you guys think 🤔
  3. These are some of the pictures that I took while doing the floor I bought this cheap little welder for the house/old mustard (this is my first 110v inverter welder) I couldn’t be happier it welds solid and so much more convenient then a big 220v with a bottle
  4. I just stumbled across this site decided, This is where I would like to document my build progress . A little background on this car , it has been in my family for almost 40 years . My uncle and my father raced the car from the early 80s up until my uncles passing in the mid 90s. I inherited the car recently it sat for a very long time but ima get it going again I plan to grudge race it next season . It has a high compression Windsor stroker built by Doug meyers with a top loader 4 speed . Car has a Chris Alston back half shortened 9 with 4,56 and 31 spline . I’ve only had the car for 2 weeks and have replaced the passenger floor pan reconstructed the poorly made trans tunnel . I have the rear housing at a friends shop getting braced . Will keep adding as I make progress
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