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    1971 Mach 1 Fastback now with 503 CID 4 bolt block with AFR Bullit heads , Edelbrock Performer RPM AirGap intake and ProSystems carburettor 1050.
    4 sp Toploader with 9" Wavetrac rear.
    Caltracs and shocks at the rear.


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  1. after the winter hibernation I noticed that : 1. RH front turn signal does not lit up - all other lights are working 2. took the 4 amp fuse ( dashboard lights etc.) away and the front RH turn signal started to work but now the front LH turn signal stopped working.3. put the fuse back - neither LH and RH front worked anymore. 4 lights at the back work all the time 5. emergency lights work but only at the back. 5.the LH and RH turn signal indicators do not lit up (they both did before ).6. the dashboard lighting has not worked during this time. It seems that all bulbs are OK ... I aked a freind and he said it sioubnds like ground problem. My question: Where to check the ground contacts ?
  2. Hi Otto, I am still in the process of considering the swap.... Do you have the code / type number of your TKO 600 ? Any photos to show off the installation ? How much clearance didi you get between the tranny and the tunnel ? We had last week a chance to try a TKO 3550 ( 600 ?) in place of the Toploaders and it looked to tight from the top and my friend with a 71 Mach 1 did do tunnel work with his TKO 600, so I wonder where these difference come from. ?
  3. 71coop, thank you of your kind words - I really would not like to change the cam due to the work involved...I really have to dig into the ignition timing as have been suggested already.... At the end of Sept the car is going to a dyno test and I will ask to do something for the ignition timing as well.
  4. HI there, well....I started now to get up the idling revs from 700 to 1000 rpm. Actually it smoothens the running at the idle speed which is ca 10 mph now. I noticed that the gears changed well except the reverse. It was impossible to engage it when motor was running.It reminded me of an incidence when the spring clips in my Toploader rods got tired and the rods started to waggle and jammed. I have not yet checked if this happened again. Last time it was the 3rd gear that jammed. I have also purchased 17" wheels where I can fit modern and cheaper 245/40 tires with 26" running diameter. The tires I get next week.
  5. Hi Jason, I checked the lift of the Comps cam and it is .667/.664 Maybe I want to choose the smaller diameter tyre from Nitto to get close to the 26" original size.Also a higher idle cloys to 1000 rpm might help - as I have understood...now the idle is ca 700 rpm. Clutch is McLeod RST twin disc and flywheel is Mcleod aluminium...The cylinder heads are AFR Bullit 270. Th intake manifold is Edelbrock RPM AirGap.
  6. Hi Chuck, thanks. The carb is Prosystems 4150 type 1050 cfm thing.Distributor is MSD.At the moment the vacuum advance is not in use.
  7. Sorry Don, I lost the point - which set up are you referring to with this " half speed from now " ?
  8. Good comment ! The main concern in my driving is standing in a queue with that car - not that much a parking lot but the behavior is the same. This car certainly not is an everyday car - and never meant either - because of that but the original idea was to go for a strip and the engine builder took it perhaps a bit too literally forgetting the road manners when moving the car on public roads to club meetings etc. Maybe the cheapest way would be to change the rear end ratio to 3.9-4.11 which was the original Ford specs for CJ cars.... What ratio do you have and what are the revs at 60 mph in your case ? How comfortable do you find it inside the car ? I have 2 x 3" exhaust without an H-pipe and straight through24" silencers and you can feel the sound :) - maybe a bit too much at 3000 rpm's.
  9. Hi Don, the tires at the back are Nitto 555 275/60-15. Car has adjustable traction bars and shocks at the rear By the way the flywheel is Aluminium McLeod and the clutch is McLeod twin disc RST. it just occurred to me that in case I change the cam to a milder one and the car stops "jumping" the speed would remain the same meaning that at a parking lot it would run too fast at idle ( 700 rpm) anyway without changing the rear ratio - right ?
  10. OK... you got me ! :) either a new milder cam - probably a hydraulic one - or a Tremec TKO 600. Can you roughly describe what would I loose in a quarter mile when going to a 230 @ 0.050" hydraulic cam withe otherwise the same set up.
  11. Thanks, what would happen if I change the rear end to ... say...1 :3.9 ? Any better at low revs ? My original idea was to go with this present setup to a quarter mile but did not realize that it ( the aggresive cam) will effect so much to the low speed behavior. I fully agree with the benefits of a hydraulic cam....
  12. Ah, I see! No, I don't think that IS the problem, but a very useful heads up. If I get that happen again, I'll talk to the transmission guy who rebuilt the box. I'm pretty sure he installed new bushings and seals on everything that might be worn. After I readjusted all the linkages and changed the reverse rubber bushing, It did seem much better. We'll see I guess. Thanks for the clarification Jeff. Geoff. Hi, I have a 71 Mach 1 with Toploaders RUG-AJ gearbox ( originally 1968/69 Fairlane ?). I had an issue once that the gears ( some of them) got jammed and it was impossible to change gears with the shifter....I had to free them going under the car which was awkward to do on the street - exhaust pipe is hot:) Long story short... finally the reason was that the linkage spring clips that hold the rods in place had become out of tension and were touching the linkage. I changed new spring clips and the problem was gone ! Sometimes the cure is simple and inexpensive...
  13. Symptoms: Jumpy ride at low revs ( less than 1500 rpm) Engine is tuned to give ca 600-650 hp and the cam is a Mechanical roller Comp Cams Ex. Energy 242/248@0.050" Toploader 4 sp. has wide ratio: 1st: 2.78, 2nd 1.93, 3rd 1.36 and 4th 1.00 Rear end is 1:3.55 Tires are Nitto 275/60 with 15 " wheels Question: is it possible to have good off the line acceleration and decent motorway revs with this set up with minor changes... Currently the problem is that low speed driving is jumpy as the car won't drive nicely with low revs in the city / parking place. Is this problem caused by the cam or the rear end ratio or both ? The 1:3.55 rear end is a compromise to give decent motorway revs and lower decibels....also the Toploader was close ratio before but changed to wide ratio to give a shorter 1st gear.
  14. I have Prosystems modified Holley 4150 carburettor in my Mach 1. It is ab. three years old. Car sits still during the winter and when commissioned for the summer activity my friend noticed that when I was starting the car the carb started to leak. He told me that this is the cause of modern fuel that ruins the seals... Are there any seals that can withstand the modern fuels / long period of not using the vehicle so that I need not to change the seals avery other year ?
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