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  1. Thanks for the info! From what i can see from underneath the car (pristine) i wont be needing to do any work on the actuall floor, purely interior. Since you tore out the interior recently, do you have any opinions in what order i should do stuff? My plan is as follows: 1. Remove the old tar(?) mats 2. clean it up and install asphalt membrane across the entite floor 3. Install insulation (fabric) on top of the asphalt mat 4. Put in the floor mat 5. put insulation on the roof 6. Install the new roof headliner 7. Install the side panels and misc trim that helps keep the floor mat in place (?) 8. Seats, belts, center console and stuff like that if you or anyone reading this think i missed something or if this sound like a great or a terrible plan, let me know! Thanks in advance
  2. Wow, i never could have guessed, thank you so much for that information! haha, it is not like modern cars
  3. Thanks for the reply! it looks likes my father bought stuff like you linked, as seen in one of my pictures, i also found a big roll of asphalt membrane, i guess the plan was to use the asphalt membrane aswell? Is that a common thing? thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone, i want to apologize in advance, im new here and if i do anything wrong or if my spelling isn’t that great, english is not my first language! so to make a long story short, a while ago my dad passed away and left me a 1973 mach 1. It was his life work, he has been working on it since before i was born, my childhood is full of memories of me ”helping” him work on it. He almost got done restoring it. The only thing left is the interior. It is now my time to pick up the torch and complete this restoration and its very.. overwhelming. where do i even start? I work as a car mechanic and hope to figure stuff out as i go, but where do i even start? i have attached some pictures of the current state of the interior as well of some parts that have been removed. Are you supposed to put insulation under the floor mat? it looks like insulation have been removed on the roof, should i put insulation on the roof? any help would be greatly appreciated! or if anyone have suggestions in what order i should do stuff and whatnot. any links to information would also be appreciated, my google skills are not the best. and again, sorry if i post this in the wrong place or anything like that best regards, Alex. EDIT: dont know where i got -73 from, pretty sure its a -71
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