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  1. I’ve realized that one has to be careful with all the attention these cars bring. I had someone stop traffic until I acknowledged his thumbs up (I was pumping go juice), to having another taking a picture while driving at 70mph! However my favorite story, so far, was when I bought the car and went to switch the title they told me I had a year to get it inspected. Thought it was peculiar since NC does not require an inspection for older cars. Put it off for 8 months, when I finally went to get it “inspected” at the DMV he came out and took a picture of the vin and car. That’s when I found out they were just checking to see if it was stolen. While waiting, had a guy come up to talk about it. 5 minutes later a State Trooper pulls up behind me, gets out, and asked “who’s car is this!”? OH CRAP. Now, I’m thinking there goes my purchase price and why oh why did I drop more money into it before this. “Mine sir” He then proceeded to hold his keys up in the air and asked “Wanna trade?” Somehow I was able to keep my composure enough to lean over and look around him at his fully equipped dodge charger, state issued, patrol car and reply “no thanks”. After a few laughs I proceeded to cuss him out for about giving me a heart attack as he didn’t know what I was there for. Well, if you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (?) and would love to hear y’all’s story’s! john
  2. Jason, Hope your enjoying the ride! your picture has got me curious… horizontal running lights on a ‘73?
  3. Trevynd and/or Mister 4x4, I'm assuming both of your louvers are the same. (looks the same) Two quick questions, if you would please. Are they aluminum or plastic? Why do they look like they are coming off the glass when they get closer to the boot? (both seem to have the same look) Thanks, john
  4. Thanks. I think y’all convinced me! BTW - how would someone go about getting the history of a car? Previous owners, state/country it was titled in, etc.
  5. If you ever owned a VW bug (‘66) you knew/learned about this rag. Remember how glorious I thought it was the first time I opened it.
  6. Thanks for all the great info. Really glad I found this site. Keep up the great work!
  7. Guys and gals, After seeing this forum I decided to order a deluxe report. Just received an email saying they may have my original invoice. Just wondering what are your thoughts/opinions on this. My ride is not fully original, nor will it (probably) ever be while I own it. So, my question is, would it be worth another $55? Thanks, john
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Lazarus! Its good to know what their called. And yes, the folks selling them sure are proud of ‘em. Will have to think about how much I need them since it’s a “drive it every chance I get” car.
  9. Sorry it takes a while to respond, work out of town too much. But it helps pay for my toy. Anyway… here’s a pic of the above mentioned part (cracked in two pieces). It appears to be attached by a screw in top-right of photo, and two near the door hinges. (that’s the VIN tag corner in the bottom-right) Looking for what it’s called or part number. Thanks, john Note: I noticed that I called it a 1/4 panel when I should have said fender. Rookie mistake, but hey, that’s me!
  10. Hi all, I’ve owned this 71 Mach1 (M) for about a year now. Kinda figured it would draw some attention, but wow! Never expected this much. The stories I can tell. The police really seem to like it (in a good way).
  11. wondering if anyone knows the name of a rubber piece that sets under the top of the 1/4 panel (near the windshield)? it loos like a plug to keep water out of the panel.
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