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  1. Just a couple pics.
  2. Can anyone tell me the spacing on the block letters that go across the trunk that spell out “M U S T A N G”? How far from the center of one letter to the center of the next? Knowing that, I can wheel off the “T” in the center. Alternatively, how far from the center of the “M” to the center of the “T”? Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me the spacing on the letters? How far from the center of one letter to the center of the next? Knowing that, I can wheel off the “T” in the center. Thanks
  4. I have a house on Lake James as well, so I am in your neck of the woods quite often. I might actually end up keeping the car garaged up there instead of Charlotte, but have not decided yet. It will definitely be more fun to have the convertible in the mountains...
  5. Thanks for such a warm welcome. Regarding the question above about EFI/Fuel tank, the best place to find more details is at www.prestigemoto.com. It is a Holley terminator X with a multiport setup. You can see the dyno run here. The EFI Fuel delivery system is from www.aeromotiveinc.com. Prestige actually provided the motor, fuel delivery system, cooling system and all the related bits. The suspension if from TCP. The brakes are Wilwood. The paint is Ford Redfire Metallic. The transmission is from Bowler. I also have a '68 Coupe that has been modified aesthetically to look like a GT/CS. I will be using ForgeSpeed to make a few improvements once they have all the parts in. Those include Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 EFI, Edelbrock top end kit and disc brakes rear conversion (already has front discs). The car was a complete restoration about 13 years ago (14k miles) and really does not need anything cosmetically.
  6. So, first car was a '71 Grande I bought from my grandfather when I was 16, sold it when I was 19 to go to college. I just bought a '73 Convertible last August that I decided to have restored/modified professionally. I had the tired 351 (over 200k miles) replaced with a 347 Stroker (Terminator X Multiport EFI) from Prestige Motorworks here in Charlotte. The front suspension was replaced with a TCP coilover system. I had a little bit of rust repaired. It has been repainted in Ford Redfire Metallic, disc brakes at all four corners, new Bowler 4R70W automatic transmission, etc. I will be putting the new interior in myself. New wheels/tires will also be added in the next week or two. ForgeSpeed has had the car almost a year, but we appear to be in the home stretch.
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