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  1. That's why I like asking questions on this forums. People do respond back . I appreciate all the feedback . I have driven the car and am in the processing of rebuilding the original engine. Right now I have a correct 351 cj engine in it . That runs . I have redone the floor on the drivers side . But not sure where I want to go with it .
  2. For the past 2 months I've been pondering whether to fully restore my 73 or leave it with its battle wounds that it has gathered over the years . I guess my main thing is the cars original paint while not in pristine condition it does give it a certain type of aura. What are the thoughts out there on this
  3. Amazing how u never see them on the street or at shows . I've only seen one this year and that's every time I walk in to my garage
  4. It has a build of September 1972
  5. I have a 1973 mach1 q code trying to figure out if I have the correct air cleaner supposedly it is . Here's a pic of the part number
  6. Yea it is the original one . I just recently had it rebuilt and installed it just yesterday . The car idles between 1300 and 1400 but once the engine warms up it passes 1700
  7. Good afternoon been a while since I've been on here. Finally got the 73 running only problem is it idles too high . I haven't messed with a four barrel so was wondering what I could do to bring the idle down .
  8. If your stuck on 03/04 I would get the mach1 if you are going for a bullitt I would get the 08/09
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy a kit to reupholster my front bucket seats. The ones I have seen do not match my color combination .
  10. I have a rear seat that I am not using for my project I believe its for a 71 convertible deluxe interior ginger in color no rips or tears just needs a good cleaning
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Ill take whatever works to fix it. What is ur price on the piece
  12. Wanted to know if anyone had an idea where I could find the floor that sits under the rear back seats on a sportsroof ? So far I havent had any luck
  13. Well nothing .but I did open the box of the carpet that I ordered for my car today
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