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  1. Hasn't started in 10 YRS, my daughter was coming and it got put on the back burner and that was the last of it. Really just trying to get out what I put into the engine.
  2. 1973 Ford Mustang Convertible. Has an original Mach1 hood with twist hold-downs. 347 using a 90-91 5.0L mustang block. Ford racing E303 cam. Edelbrock RPM Airgap intake and 600cfm carb. Hooker long tube headers, h pipe, flowmeter 40 series mufflers. C4 trans with shift kit and 2400 stall converter. 9 inch rear with 2.75 gears. Has Mach 1 gauge clusters. Full console. Car has '96 Mustang Gt 16" wheels on it, but I do have the steel wheels and 2 sets of hubcaps. Currently doesn't run, timing issue I suspect. private image upload
  3. I have to second this, it is an awesome game. That being said I was really happy to see this one in there. Only offered with a 429 but still. Hmmm, now to figure out if I want to change mine to a BOSS351 look or not.
  4. Basically I have the original stock hood I pulled off a few years ago in favor of a Mach 1 hood. Its in pretty good shape, does have some rust bubbles down one side but other than that it looks just like it did when I pulled it off. Oh, and the front trim piece is gone (had to use it on the other hood). I figured I would put it up for you guys before listing it on craigslist. $100 obo, just the plain jane hood, but, ITS GREEN.
  5. Technically speaking, Gasoline itself doesnt catch fire, its the fumes. Take a bucket full of gas, sit it on the ground. Take 10 matches, light and throw them at the bucket. The gasoline will not light until the 10th match is thrown. Why? By that time the vapors have escaped and can catch fire.
  6. Just saw this pop up today http://greensboro.craigslist.org/cto/2282908646.html http://greensboro.craigslist.org/cto/2281381445.html
  7. Olie Shes looking good. Havent talked to you in years my friend.
  8. WOW, seems im the low man on the totem pole today, still rocking a 302. Well to be honest its a 5.0 stroked to 347.
  9. I was browsing thru SEMA pictures and came across this company. Looks like somebody has their eye on bringing back the classics in a major way. http://www.retrobuilt.com/home.htm
  10. If you want a real kicker, go into any of them, except Napa, and ask for a Flame Trap kit for a Volvo. They searched for a good 20 minutes before I got the "Ive never heard of that part". So you know, its basically like a pcv
  11. Im gonna go out on a bit of a limb here and say Modified Mustangs and Fast Fords
  12. If I remember correctly, go look up Dark Horse Racing. They have a '72 they track race. And I'm pretty sure you can pick up a whole fiberglass front end, doors and the trunk lid.
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