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    1971 H code Grande with 4V 72 HO block
    Crower,Erson,Fluiddampner,Moroso,ARP,Speed Pro,Melling,Ford Motorsport
    1970 F code Sportsroof 351 2v


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    1. I'm back from retirement and sorta in retirement too.
    2. brand new 6k Build had one lobe on new cam go poo poo.
    3. Wife is now pissed motor 5 is now .40over JE Pistons .$5k in a blink .
    4. The world is ending but please send .40rod and main bearings so I can complete assembly of new engine . Yes I know what Joe Gibbs is NOW Zink your new engine break in pal.
    5. So yah I gotta reassemble 72ho :4bolt main service block .
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