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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  2. Just to introduce myself, I have owned 16 mustangs so far all 69-70 with the exception of an 83 5.0 GT. I am not new to Mustangs but I am new to the 71-73's. Mine was built as a fleet rental car. Originally green 302 car with a tan interior. I bought it like it sits. I will be adding a tach to the dash, new rear springs, ram air assembly, rear Mach 1 trim, tilt column, disc brakes and possibly 15 inch wheels. I have a 351C 4V as a spare that I may replace the stock 302 but I want to drive and enjoy for a bit first. This body style has grown on me and although the outer skin looks different, it seems to be quite similar to the 69-70's underneath. I also have a 41 Studebaker Champion 5 window with a Ford 302 and a 1960 F100 with a 351W. Ford all the way. I live in southwest KY.
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