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  1. Thank you everyone for the pointers! As soon as I have the car back from the upholstery shop I will get to work and keep everyone updated. Thanks again!
  2. Ok the valves are the big ones, (2.19/1.71"). The rear-end is the factory 2.75 gears. The cam specs are pictured below. I will say I don't believe this problem is related to the rear-end specifically. The carb seems to be loading up. When you first take off there is hesitation like a flat spot so much so its trying to die. Then it will pickup a little and the more speed/rpm you get it seems to come out of it. Also sometimes driving down the road below 4 mph the carb wants to load up and or will backfire through the carb. We sat the initial timing to 8 degrees but I see we need to up that. Also friend who helped me build the car says he wonders if it's a tooth out on the dizzy but it's his first Ford build also. The cam we are unsure if it was retarded on installation and the guy who did it is not available to ask, Covid issues. So we are kinda stuck. As always thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions I'll do some checking amd get all the info together amd reply back.
  4. I have a 1973 Mach 1 with a 351 cleveland and c6 auto. I just completed a Restomod on the car after having it for almost 20 years. The car started life as a 2-barrel but I changed to a 4-barrell with the correct 73 4 barrel heads, I know its yucky open chambers. Anyway with this new motor refresh it was bored .030, Edelbrock Performer 4 barrel intake, a mild cam, and a Holley 670 cfm carb. So the issue is that the car starts and runs but is very draggy or slow with hardly any responsiveness in the throttle till 2000 rpm. Once its there the motor responds better and really responds at 3000 rpm, problem is that's 80 mph which is hard to find a road in the Ozarks to drive it on at that speed, LOL! So this is my first Mustang build and is my 30 year National Guard retirement present, from wife. I'm not really sure how it is suppose to respond but it really seems like there is something wrong. Any thoughts on what to try would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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