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  1. Chris, I have been looking at profile shots of the Mach 1 wing on other cars and I am having trouble determining for sure if it's backwards. Here are some more shots of mine. When I look at other pictures it seems right to me, but then sometimes I see a photo from another angle and I question myself. 🤔
  2. Thanks for the responses! Bobby, the Edelbrock Performer manifold is pretty low profile, so I hope it would work with the ram air setup, but I will definitely measure and do my homework. Thanks so much for the tips!
  3. Hello! I recently bought a 1972 Mach 1 and absolutely love it. I have always been partial to 1971-73 Mustang, so it feels great to finally own one of my dream cars. Until now I have been in the Foxbody world, having owned 2 mid-80s Mustangs and a 1981 Capri. My 72 was restored before I bought it, and is in very good driving condition but I don't have a lot of details about its history. I will be ordering a Marti Report. It is an H-code car but currently has 4V heads, Edelbrock Performer-4V intake and Holley 750 carb. Looking forward to learning more about tuning carburetors. I will be doing little things like restoring the engine bay to a more stock appearance (getting the ram air plenum/air cleaner assembly; relocating all the aftermarket MSD ignition stuff somewhere else so I can put the window washer reservoir back where it goes, etc). The interior is in really good shape, but the former owner cut the radio bezel to put in a modern din stereo. I ordered a replica bezel and am looking for an oem radio, preferably the 8-track stereo. I will probably hide a newer stereo in the glove box or somewhere to plug in an iPod. Not a big fan of the Custom Sound replica radios. They look pretty good, but I would prefer the original. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing information about these cars and participating in the discussions on the forum!
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